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    Name: iTech Labs
    Website: itechlabs.com.au
    iTechLabs Audited Online Casinos

    iTech Labs is a global auditor and tester of iGaming software. On an operational basis, iTech Labs is divided into three international jurisdictions, with the company being especially active in Australia, Europe, and the Americas.

    Geographically, the auditing company has been set up across several of the largest cities in the world. These include the Melbourne headquarters along with London, Madrid, and Rome.

    The auditor has been set up with a team led by a handful of principal consultants with years of experience in the iGaming industry.

    For more than a decade, iTech Labs has engaged in the testing and subsequent certification of iGaming systems.

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    Can iTech Labs back up its credibility as an auditor?

    The authenticity of iTech Labs is supported by the fact that the company has long held the status of being an ISO/IEC 17025 certified testing laboratory for iGaming software. This is a compelling piece of certification for any auditor working in the iGaming industry.

    What is the main focus of iTech Labs?

    iTech Labs operates with a focus on online gambling rather than land-based enterprises. The auditor is renowned for being a tester of online casinos, iTech Labs is also capable of approving sports betting.

    What auditing services does iTech Labs engage in?

    iTech Labs lists more than a dozen auditing services on the company website, but there are several areas that account for the highest levels of activity. These include, but are not limited to, random number generator (RNG) testing, RNG audits, return to player (RTP) audits, casino and multiplayer games testing, sports betting, and platform testing to cover player accounts, privacy, protection, and security.

    How can I find iTech Labs-tested casinos?

    GamblersPick has a dedicated page of casinos that have been audited by iTech Labs. You can then look for the iTech Labs seal on the homepages of those respective brands.

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