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  • 22_bulb.pngBlackjack surrender is a game with a special ring to it, but contrary to what the name might suggest it can actually be quite profitable for the player. The surrender mechanic is common in blackjack games, although not all online casinos offer it.

    This option allows players to fold the hand they receive if they are not happy with their chances.

    It is used often by risk-averse gamblers who want to minimize the risks even if this means they accept a certain loss.

    When players decide to surrender a hand, they need to make this the first action during the round. It is not possible to surrender after hitting, splitting pairs or using the double down mechanic. The effect on the house edge is minimal, since players only receive half of the stakes if they choose to surrender. Otherwise the game is played using the classic blackjack rules with a house edge of less than 1%.

    22_blackjack.png Early and Late Blackjack Surrender

    Those who play at Blackjack Surrender online casinos will be able to use this mechanic at several times during the game. Early surrender is rare and it is activated when the dealer has an ace or a 10 as a face card. Some players are tempted to give up right there, since they don’t want to risk the dealer making a natural blackjack. This is usually a bad choice, since players risk losing more in the long run.

    Late surrender is far more popular among those who play at online casinos that offer Blackjack Surrender among other games. This is done after seeing their own cards, when players can better calculate the odds of beating the dealer. Hard 15 and 16 hands should be surrendered against a dealer’s 10 or an ace because this puts players at a disadvantage. If done right, surrender play can decrease the house edge by 0.1%.

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