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  • Here you find online casinos that welcomes players from Afghanistan along with complete information about each casino.

    Afghan people have bigger problems than the fact that all forms of gambling are illegal in the country and there are no land-based casinos.

    For a long time, these establishments were banned, but the authorities are far less effective at enforcing the ban these days. Those who are hell-bent on playing casino games over the Internet, need to start looking for international companies accepting them.

    Learn all about Afghanistan online gambling, including Afghanistan gambling guide, popular deposit and withdrawal methods and more.

    Casinos for You

    Gambling in Afghanistan

    The Afghan government is still adamant in its decision to maintain the carpet ban on all forms of gambling. Reasons that have to do with religion prevent any change in attitude, but there is no particular interest in casino games among residents either. While the official ban is in effect, the authorities don’t do a great deal to actively prevent Afghan gamblers from playing.


    Casinos Accepting Afghanistan Players

    There are only a handful of casinos accepting Afghan players and all of them are international online operators. They choose to accept players from this country mostly because there are so many foreign troops stationed here. These represent a significant revenue, perhaps more important than the business brought online by Afghan people. In any case, very little concessions are being made to local players, who need to rely exclusively on English and bet major currencies.


    Choosing The Right Afghanistan Casino

    GamblersPick isn’t afraid of a little challenge and is able to provide suggestions even to those residing in the most inhospitable places. To choose the right Afghan casino, the safe bet would be to pick one of the mainstream operators that accept players from dozens of other countries. Personalized service should not be expected, with no local payment methods for native speakers in the customer support section. On the other hand, the quality of the games is premium and their payout ratio in line with the industry average.

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