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  • Here you find online casinos that welcomes players from Algeria along with complete information about each casino.

    Algerians are more attracted by sports betting then online casinos, so they don’t exactly mind the carpet ban on this form of gambling.

    Islamic law prohibits Muslims from playing games of chance, so the only casinos accepting them have the headquarters beyond borders. They usually find a safe haven at casinos catering mostly for players from France.

    Learn all about Algeria online gambling, including Algeria gambling guide, popular deposit and withdrawal methods and more.

    Casinos for You

    Gambling in Algeria

    The National Lottery of Algeria is the only institution that can legally provide games of chance to local players. The resulting profits are heavily taxed to support various charitable events and all other forms of gambling are prohibited.

    Authorities are not very effective at enforcing this ban and rely on the cooperation of gambling operators and players. That’s why it’s pretty easy to find an online website of affording casino that allows Algeria’s to sign up.


    Casinos Accepting Algeria Players

    Online gambling is illegal inside Algeria and since 2010 the authorities have made some attempts at preventing players from gambling.

    There are severe penalties for those who are called playing at foreign casinos accepting Algerian players, but gamblers are rarely prosecuted. The websites of these casinos are usually translated in French and this is also the language used by customer support. This is as close as Algerian players can hope to get to a casino that offers personalized service.


    Choosing The Right Algeria Casino

    GamblersPick knows that where’s a will there’s a way and is happy to provide players with insights on how to choose the right Algerian casino. Lock your sights on casinos that have been active for many years and have a large community of happy players. Our suggestions feature casinos that offer big bonuses that can be cleared easily and these operators always pay winners on time and even when they claim progressive jackpots. Last but definitely not least, they provide them with the means to use payment methods that keep transactions secure and anonymous.

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