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  • Everything you need to know about online gambling and online casinos in Guyana in terms of regulation, availability, and more.

    In terms of online casinos and online gambling in general, Guyana is subject to French laws. Thus, online gambling is technically illegal and players from Guyana aren’t legally allowed to play at any international online casinos.

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    Gambling in Guyana

    All things relating to gambling in Guyana are regulated by the country’s Gaming Authority, a body that was established in 2007. This governmental body oversees land-based casinos, which are actually legal but only open to foreigners. The maximum number of land-based operators is also limited to three venues.

    There are still online casinos accepting players from Guyana despite this fact. The country government hasn’t taken any concrete steps to prevent this so some online operators still continue to disregard the regulation.  However, it’s important for the players to understand that by choosing to play at one of these casinos they’re doing it at their own risk as this is unregulated and illegal.

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