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  • Here you find online casinos that welcome players from Nigeria along with complete information about each casino.

    Learn all about Nigeria online gambling, including Nigeria gambling guide, popular deposit and withdrawal methods and more.

    Premium bitcoin casinos Nigeria

    online casinos using crypto currencies for gambling accept players from Nigeria and offer unique advantages to those joining them. Exclusive welcome bonuses and ongoing campaigns are to be expected at the best Bitcoin casinos in Nigeria, with fair wagering requirements.

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    Gambling in Nigeria

    The Lagos State Lotteries Board of Nigeria

    Over the last couple of years, the number of Nigerian players with access to Internet has increased significantly. The gambling market is slowly developing and the first license was awarded to a casino in Nigeria in 2013.

    Most of the players choose to play at international operators and only a fraction chooses those located in neighboring countries.

    Casinos Accepting Nigeria Players

    The Nigerian government strives to bring more international operators to this country and generate more revenue from gambling. However, most of the casinos accepting Nigerian players are located beyond national borders, especially in Europe. They tried to take advantage of the big population and the fact that a significant percentage of it is represented by youngsters. There are bonuses and promotions that exceed the industry average for local players and many other incentives.

    Choosing The Right Nigeria Casino

    As the Nigerian gambling market is still in a fledgling state, players can have a difficult time finding the right Nigerian casino. At the first glance, all of them look pretty much the same, with bonuses and offers that frequently sound too good to be true. We can help you filter out the noise and distinguish between trustworthy operators and those trying to lure in unsuspecting victims.

    Expect the Best Bonuses and Promotions - The Nigerian market is very attractive for online casinos, because of its sheer size. This means that players from Nigeria are entitled to expect generous bonuses and promotions that are even better than the industry average. What they need to do is to pay close attention to the wagering requirements instead of the sheer amounts up for grabs.

    Customer Support in Nigerian Is a Must - Only a small minority of casinos accepting players from Nigeria offer customer support in their language. English is used for all channels of communication and the websites are rarely translated in Nigerian. The best casinos however have invested in user-friendly websites and have specialists ready to interact with local players in their native tongue.

    Play Money Games & Live Dealers - Nigeria online casinos try to maximize the return on investment and promote the games with the highest house edge. Players should seek a balanced collection of slots and table games and try to find online casinos that allow them to gamble virtual currency. Games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat must be available with live dealers. WebCam technology allows the games to be broadcasted lag free from luxurious studios that enhance the gaming experience.

    Popular Games at Nigeria Online Casinos

    Nigeria is among the African countries that make the biggest strides in terms of technology and Internet action is improving quickly. Nigerian players have discovered the thrills of playing slots and video pokers and many have moved to the online arena. These are by far the most popular games at Nigeria casinos, followed at a distance by table games. These games are expected to spend more time in the spotlight, as Nigeria is the fastest-growing nations for gambling in Africa.


    Is it legal to gamble online in Nigeria?

    It is legal to gamble over the Internet in Nigeria, although the government would like players to stick to licensed operators. The relatively small number of casinos that have applied and were granted such a license compels players to look elsewhere for entertainment. African and European casinos alike accept players from Nigeria, with the latter being more numerous.

    What languages and currencies do Nigerian Casinos Accept?

    Very few casinos have customer support or websites available in Nigerian and most use English by default. The Euro is the second most popular currency at these operators, second only to the US dollar. It is also possible to gamble in British Sterling pounds and at select casinos in the Nigerian Naira.

    Can I be sure the games at Nigerian casinos are really fair?

    Players should take Nigerian casinos with a pinch of salt and don’t trust them blindly. Most operators abide by the laws and strive to provide players with a safe and fun environment gamble. However, there are plenty who offer bonuses that are difficult to clear, games with crushing house edge and unreliable payment methods. Follow our lead to navigate these stormy waters and stay safe.

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