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  • Here you find online casinos that welcomes players from US Virgin Islands along with complete information about each casino. Learn all about US Virgin Islands online gambling, including US Virgin Islands gambling guide, popular deposit and withdrawal methods and more.

    The US Virgin Islands is American territory and therefore subject to US federal laws in regard to gambling among other things. There are land-based casinos here for local players and the occasional visitors, but fewer options for those who want to play online. Betting shops and bingo parlors are more numerous, so this type of entertainment is within reach for both locals and foreigners.

    Casinos for You

    Gambling in Virgin Islands, U.S.

    The 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act makes it illegal for players from US Virgin Islands to play online and foreign casinos. The federal authorities are watching over to prevent people from breaking the law, although enforcement is particularly strong. One of the biggest problems for players is to find a way to access the blocked websites and identify fast payment methods.


    Casinos Accepting Virgin Islands, U.S. Players

    The US Department of Justice granted a lot of freedom to local authorities to create the legal framework for gambling. However, the small population is the biggest obstacle for those who are hoping to bring in foreign investors. There are not many casinos accepting US Virgin Islands players for this reason. Many international casinos prefer not to provoke the US authorities, especially when there are so few prospective customers in the islands.


    Choosing The Right Virgin Islands, U.S. Casino

    GamblersPick will help you find a way around prohibitive laws and also guide your steps as you try to find the best US Virgin Islands casinos. There are many predatory operators out there who take advantage of the fact that players operate in the gray area. At least the ones we recommend treat their clients fairly and do their best to make withdrawals as fast as possible. The payment methods take only slightly longer to process cash outs, but several financial instruments are available.

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