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    Name: Basic Attention Token
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: BAT
    Symbol: BAT

    Basic Attention Token is primarily an Ethereum token which efficiently powers Brave blockchain-backed digital platform. Users of the Internet who surf through the web using this platform are offered a great assortment of free features. This promising new digital currency was launched by the co-founder of Mozilla and creator of JavaScript Brendan Eich. The main project behind Basic Attention Token is a decentralized, open-source ad exchange digital platform build using the Ethereum network.

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    Due to the nature of the Basic Attention Token, there are not so many online gaming destinations which deal with such transactions. Since Basic Attention Token leverages the most advanced blockchain technology, all transactions are fully anonymous. Besides revolutionizing how website creators are paid and how customers see advertisements, BAT also makes online gaming easier as such transactions just require having an Ethereum-powered wallet.

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    When it comes to banking using Basic Attention Token, the main aim of the token is to correctly price customer attention within its digital advertising platform. In other words, advertisers active on this platform pay Basic Attention Token to sites’ publishers for customers’ attention. This Basic Attention Token’s digital ecosystem includes the Brave platform and a privacy-aimed and open-source browser which is crafted to block any kind of malware and trackers.


    What can I do with Basic Attention Token?

    With Basic Attention Token, you can secure your digital assets including your BAT coins using a digital wallet or a hardware wallet. Either way, your assets remain safe at all times.

    How to manage my BAT coins?

    To manage your BAT coins, you just need to connect your digital wallet or your hardware ledge to a third-party service which accepts BAT.

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