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    Name: Clam
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: CLAM
    Symbol: CLAM

    Clamcoin (symbol: n/a, code: CLAM) is a secure and untraceable open-source crypto-currency. On this page you will find a list of all online casinos that accept Clamcoin as payment method.

    Clam Online Casinos

    Clamcoin, like almost all other crypto-currencies, is based on open-source peer-to-peer internet protocol and always remains completely untraceable, allowing its users to keep their transactions private and conveniently fund their online casino account with one of the most used digital currencies. Clamcoin has had a stable, yet stellar growth since the day it was launched. Continuous investment flow has raised the currency’s market capitalization to $1 million, and the Clam has remained steady and reliable so far. Players and sites have embraced this crypto-currency and now there are numerous Clamcoin online casinos out there. The number of Clamcoin online casinos is steadily growing and more and more players and sites embrace it.

    Casinos for You


    We've already mentioned that Clamcoin is one of the most embraced digital currencies, and players and online casinos appreciate how reliable and convenient it is. Players can find a Clamcoin wallet to use to deposit or withdrawa at online casinos. After getting the wallet address, players can get Clamcoins by either purchasing Clamcoins online on trading markets, or they can acquire them by mining. Once players have the desired amount of Clamcoin, they can visit one of the numerous Clamcoin online casinos and deposit into their account by sending Clamcoin to a given wallet address.


    Why is Clamcoin different from other crypto-currencies?

    Clamcoin is innovative and decentralized and is a new digital currency that is a variation of the original bitcoin.

    Can I use Clamcoin to play at unlicensed online casinos?

    Players are advised to play at licensed online casinos because they are regulated and regularly audited.

    Is it legal to use Clamcoin for online gambling?

    Using Clamcoin at online casinos is considered completely legal and there are currently no laws to prohibit it.

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