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    Name: Dash
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: DASH
    Symbol: DASH

    The Dash (Code: DASH) is a cryptocurrency used worldwide. On this page you can find a list of online casinos that accept Dash as a deposit or withdrawal method.

    Dash Online Casinos

    Dash is another crypto currency inspired by the tremendous and somewhat unexpected success of Bitcoin. It uses the same technology but is slightly different, therefore provides a worthy alternative.

    Healthy competition benefits people in general and those who gamble over the Internet in particular. They now have the option of enjoying their favorite games at Dash online casinos.

    Casinos for You


    Evan Duffield created Dash with the intention of improving Bitcoin and offering a more reliable way to pay for goods and services online. The same payment method that can be used to acquire services or pay for goods is available to those who want to play casino games. For gambling related purposes, these transactions are performed instantly and even withdrawals are performed at blazing fast speeds.

    One of the main strengths of Dash online casinos is that they take anonymity to the next level. This is one of the best crypto currencies for those who gamble from countries where Internet casinos are banned and the law is strictly enforced. In the absence of a single authority capable of claiming ownership over Dash, players need not worry about somebody manipulating the currency. They can enjoy the finest online casino games without worrying about anyone discovering their habits.


    Are there many online casinos accepting Dash?

    Compared to mainstream casinos and even those that accept Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, online casinos accepting Dash are a small minority. The good news is that the crypto currency is gaining traction worldwide and many more are ready to embrace Dash.

    How can I play at a Dash casino if I don't use Dash?

    Players should do their due diligence and double check if Dash casinos allow players to use other payment methods. In most cases traditional currencies are accepted, but some casinos will only allow them to use Dash or another crypto currency such as Bitcoin.

    Are there any advantages to playing at Dash online casinos?

    Dash accepting casinos have all the advantages that online gamblers require and today expect from industry leaders. Fast and reliable deposits and withdrawals, total anonymity and the freedom to gamble from any part of the world are just a few examples. Nobody can learn about their gambling habits or keep track of their losses and profits, therefore impose taxes or other legal restrictions.

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