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    Name: Edgeless
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: EDG
    Symbol: EDG

    Edgeless is a blockchain technology-powered cryptocurrency that uses Ethereum's smart contracts and runs apart from financial governing structures which makes it a great online casino gaming payment option.

    Edgeless Online Casinos

    Just like other similar cryptocurrencies which have been around for quite some time, Edgeless is fully powered by the most advanced blockchain technology. The digital currency is also referred to as a fully auditable digital ledger which keeps a record of all transactions which take place. By its default, Edgeless is also fully decentralized which means that all transactions made are not governed or dictated by any governing structures. Because of its rather decentralized nature, all Edgeless users audit and later on verify their transactions.

    To many people, cryptocurrencies such as Edgeless are the way of the near future due to their highly decentralized nature which will probably back up their existence in the world of online gaming. While digital currencies are expanding into some mainstream industries such as online shopping, they are still mostly used by online casino players. Today, Edgeless is used by many online casinos which generally focus on digital currencies. Hence, in addition to accepting Edgeless, these venues commonly accept other popular cryptocurrencies in the first place Bitcoin as listed below.

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    When it comes to using Edgeless for online gaming, players need to purchase Edgeless tokens or coins online using their crypto wallets. The first step is to create a crypto wallet which will store Edgeless tokens or EDG. Then, players need to link their crypto wallet with cryptocurrency exchanges and finally fund their accounts with a credit card or cash. At this point, users need to trade for Ethereum or Bitcoin using fiat currencies and then trade for Edgeless tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Changelly, UpBit, Tidex, HitBTC, Bittrex and Bancor Network.


    What is Edgeless?

    Edgeless is a blockchain technology-powered cryptocurrency that uses Ethereum smart contracts.

    Which cryptocurrency exchanges trade Edgeless?

    Currently, only several crypto exchanges offer Edgeless trading including Bancor Network, Bittrex, HitBTC, Tidex, UpBit, and Changelly.

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