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    Name: Indian Rupee
    Type: Currency
    Code: INR

    The Indian rupee (Sign:₹ and Code: INR) is the currency of India. On this page you can find a list of online casinos that accept Indian rupee as a deposit or withdrawal method.

    Indian Rupee Online Casinos

    India is a huge market with millions of existing and potential customers for online casinos. It pays off for these operators to offer support for local players and allow them to bet on the Indian Rupee. The last thing a new customer needs is the hassle caused by conversion fees eating into their fledgling bankroll. If they can deposit in the local currency, then these frustrating issues are avoided altogether.

    Casinos for You


    Indian players don’t necessarily have to play at local casinos, but they have plenty to benefit from choosing an Indian Rupee online casino. It matters less when the headquarters of the company are located, as long as players are not put through the annoying situation of converting currency. Each transaction will cause some money to be lost and even though the amounts are small, they pile up.

    Transactions take just as long if players decide to gamble at Indian Rupee online casinos or operators that stick to mainstream currencies. The difference is that a casino accepting Indian rupees would not charge any exchange commission, because players use their native currency. Players from other countries can decide for themselves which currency to choose when signing up for an account. It makes perfect sense for Indians to be given the same options of choosing the INR.


    Are there many online casinos accepting Indian Rupee?

    There are already plenty of casinos that are open towards the idea of expanding the list of accepted currencies to include the Indian Rupee. Their number is only growing as interest for online gaming is surging among Indian players.

    How can I play at an Indian Rupee casino if I don't use Indian Rupees?

    Playing games online at international casinos is done in the same way regardless of the currency of choice. If players deposit in a currency different from those accepted, the casino will simply convert the amount in a matter of seconds.

    Are there any advantages to playing at Indian Rupee online casinos?

    While it takes the same time to set up an account at Indian Rupee online casinos and international operators, the costs differ. The former are cheaper both up front and in the long run, since players are never subject to any sort of exchange commission whatsoever.

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