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    Name: Lightning Bitcoin
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: LBTC
    Symbol: LBTC

    Lightning Bitcoin as a digital currency payment protocol is seen as the major solution for the prominent Bitcoin-related scalability issue as its peer-to-peer payment system works perfectly when dealing with digital currencies micropayments.

    Lightning Bitcoin Online Casinos

    As suggested by its name, Lightning Bitcoin offers its users low-cost, instant Bitcoin transactions. Hence this is a micropayment protocol. The network is powered by a peer-to-peer payment system which makes micropayments through a powerful, yet light network of payment channels. Bitcoin was proposed back in 2008 and ten years later, one of the biggest issues with using Bitcoin remains scalability which relates to Bitcoin processing only around seven transactions per second since its inception. This results in longer processing times with big transactional fees.

    This is not an issue with Lightning Bitcoin as it adds another layer to the blockchain Bitcoin system and enables all participants to create channels between two parties using that additional layer. Due to its benefits such as lowered transactional fees and instant processing times, Lightning Bitcoin is used by many online casino venues.

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    To use the payment service, interested players have to set up their payment processing channels on the network. This is also followed by creating a crypto wallet that other parties can access with their private keys. These are called multi-signature wallets. After depositing Bitcoin into that wallet, players can perform unlimited Bitcoin transactions.


    What are the major benefits of using Lightning Bitcoin?

    The biggest benefit of using this payment processor is being able to enjoy instant, low-cost Bitcoin transactions.

    Which online casinos accept this digital currency?

    There is a number of online casinos that accept Lightning Bitcoin and some of them you will find listed here.

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