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    Name: Paxos
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: PAX
    Symbol: PAX

    Paxos is another relatively newly launched digital currency which is build using the most recent technological advancements which allow its users to move their assets across any blockchain-powered platform, across many different ecosystems, services, and products including online casinos. Players who decide to use Paxos as their online gaming payment options will have their digital assets safe and secured in a fully-regulated Trust.

    Paxos Online Casinos

    Using Paxos at online casinos which allow such transactions is effortless. As previously mentioned, using Paxos for gaming online means using digital dollars to move funds between services and products. Paxos is very similar to Bitcoin in terms of powering online casino gaming accounts. First of all, players need to convert their funds in US dollars to PAX using an exchange service. Once done, they can move their Paxos Tokens between crypto and dollars with just one click.

    Casinos for You


    Banking with Paxos is always simple and straightforward. Just like several other digital currencies present around including USDCoin and TrueUSD, Paxos is also a stablecoin which allows its users to redeem their US dollar funds for Paxos Tokens. The process of redeeming their funds to Paxos Tokens happens instantly. However, since the currency is newly launched, there are not many online gaming venues accepting Paxos banking options.


    How to add Paxos Tokens to my Ethereum wallet?

    If you add your Paxos Tokens to your Ethereum wallet for the first time, you need to add the Paxos Standard address as listed on the official website.

    Is it possible to trade Paxos Tokens on the platform?

    No, not yet. At the moment Paxos Tokens stored in Ethereum wallets can only be used to withdraw crypto funds.

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