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    Name: South African Rand
    Type: Currency
    Code: ZAR
    Symbol: R

    The South African rand (Sign:R and Code: ZAR) is the currency of South Africa. On this page you can find a list of online casinos that accept South African rand as a deposit or withdrawal method.

    South African Rand Online Casinos

    The South African Rand is the national currency in the southernmost nation on the African continent. People from this country are using it in every aspect of living and now they can also rely upon it to play online. The advent of South African Rand online casinos has shattered all the remaining barriers for deposits and cash out. The currency can be used to play games without paying conversion fees.

    Casinos for You


    South African Rand players are overwhelmingly South African residents, who seek a more convenient way of gambling online. They had the option of playing at local casinos and international operators before, but had to deal with the nagging currency conversion fees. They no longer need to pay any commission when making a deposit to South African Rand online casinos.

    Many foreign operators have updated their list of accepted currencies to include the ZAR. Even though progress has been made, there are still enough casinos that don’t offer the possibility of depositing in this currency. Players who want to gamble at South African Rand online casinos but deposit another currency, can do it. They get to choose the payment method, knowing that the casino will convert the funds automatically.


    Are there many online casinos accepting South African Rand?

    Compared to the number of casinos accepting Euros, US dollars and British Sterling pounds, South African Rand online casinos are fewer. On the bright side, they tend to get more numerous year after year, as the South African gambling market grows.

    How can I play at a South African Rand casino if I don't use South African Rands?

    Casinos accepting South African Rand try to keep up with the fast-growing number of prospective players. Some casinos are so good that they attract players from other countries, who don’t use South African Rands. Luckily for them, they are accepted here and can deposit in a different currency.

    Are there any advantages to playing at South African Rand online casinos?

    The South African Rand is only used in South Africa, yet casinos accepting it are thriving. These highlight the advantages of allowing players to deposit in their native currency. They can rest assured that the entire amount deposited is transferred to their account without exchange fees being subtracted.

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