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    Name: Tether
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: USDT

    Tether is a popular and controversial crypto currency that has been related to a number of financial scandals but has remained relatively stable throughout it all.

    Tether Online Casinos

    One of the most popular and heavily traded crypto currencies in the market, Tether has been often talked about and highly controversial for a few years.

    The advantage of this crypto currency is that it is relatively stable in comparison to the likes of Bitcoin, but the various speculations about its involvement in several scandals have made investors question the currency’s long term success.

    Casinos for You


    Using Tether in online casinos is as simple as using Bitcoin. Tether coins can be purchased at various online crypto currency trading platforms and are deposited into a virtual currency wallet. From there, players can choose to deposit them at any online casino that accepts Tether deposits.


    Is Tether a stable crypto currency?

    More so than most others. However, the currency was included in speculations in relation to several scandals in the past, making it somewhat questionable.

    Should I use Tether to play online casino games?

    Tether can be a fast way to make payments to online casinos for players who can’t normally do that. However, players should always be extra careful when dealing with crypto currencies.

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