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    Name: Thai Baht
    Type: Currency
    Code: THB
    Symbol: ฿

    The Thai baht (Sign:฿ and Code: THB) is the currency of Thailand. On this page you can find a list of online casinos that accept Thai baht as a deposit or withdrawal method.

    Thai Baht Online Casinos

    Just as the name indicates, residents of Thailand use the Thai baht for everyday expenses as well as online gambling. Some of the casinos located in neighboring countries and accepting players from Thailand have added it on the list of currencies. This means that local players who go online have more chances to find Thai baht online casinos that accept their business.

    Casinos for You


    In the absence of a legal framework regulating the gambling industry in Thailand, the number of online casinos accepting local players is still low. It will take a while until they will reach their full potential but meanwhile they offer several incentives to Thai players. One of them is the possibility of depositing in Thai baht and using the currency to play all the games they offer. The money can be used to experience the thrills of slots including progressive jackpot games or play at live dealer tables.

    When bonuses are at stake, players who deposit in another currency will receive the respective amount in currency equivalent. The process is automatic, so at least players don’t have to worry much about technical issues, such as the currency exchange rate. It is up to them to look at the amounts transferred from the credit card and bank accounts online to determine the inherent fees and commission. As for the casinos, the best operators accepting players from Thailand shouldn’t charge users a dime.


    Are there many online casinos accepting the Thai Baht?

    The best casinos accepting Thai players are not necessarily the friendliest towards the local community. We can help you find online casinos accepting the Thai baht for deposits, without sacrificing the best gaming experience available.

    How can I play at a Thai Baht casino if I don't use Thai Bahts?

    The decision to choose an online casino shouldn’t rest exclusively on what currencies it offers. Don’t let the fact that you use a different currency than the ones listed on the website have a deterring effect on you. If the games and bonuses are really good, it’s worth paying the tiny foreign-exchange fees.

    Are there any advantages to playing at Thai Baht online casinos?

    Online gambling should be fun, simple and straightforward. These are precisely the advantages of using your national currency and gambling at Thai baht online casinos. You get to use all the funds available right away and need to know nothing about the exchange rate. It’s a win-win situation.

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