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    Name: TrueUSD
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: TUSD
    Symbol: TUSD

    While TrueUSD works like the majority of other digital currencies, there are some unique aspects to it. As suggested by its name, it is backed up by the US dollar which allows easy redemption at all times. What is even more, TrueUSD is available on more than seventy exchanges across five continents which makes it a global player in the world of digital currencies. Furthermore, as a stablecoin, you can redeem one TrueUSD coin for one US dollar which means greater stability.

    TrueUSD Online Casinos

    Those who want to use TrueUSD for online gaming will need to purchase their TrueUSD coins and for this, they can use many different trust companies. Here, the player must pass a mandatory KYC/AML after that he or she can send funds in US dollars to a chosen trust company. Once the sent funds are verified by the company, the currency’s smart contract issues the specific TrustUSD to the player’s Ethereum address.

    Casinos for You


    When it comes to banking using TrueUSD, the process is rather simple with just several steps to follow. In fact, online casino players can send their TrueUSD coins anytime and anywhere one thousand times faster than when using standard payment options. Since this is one of relatively recently launched digital currencies, the number of online gaming venues accepting it rather small.


    How to redeem TrustUSD?

    Players first have to pass a verification check, then send the currency’s smart contract and their purchased TrustUSD coins to their Ethereum address after which their banks send their funds in US dollars.

    What is the current TrustUSD fee?

    The current fee to buy and redeem TrueUSD for US dollars is $75 or ten basis points on transactions of TrueUSD coins on an Ethereum wallet.

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