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    US Dollar is among the most prevalent currencies accepted by online casinos, recognized all over the world. Use this page to find the best USD accepting online casinos.

    The United States Dollar is the official currency of the US and without a doubt the most important currency in the world.

    It is used in every aspect of global trade and investment, widely regarded as a benchmark for the global economy. Not surprisingly, there are hundreds of casinos accepting United States Dollars for gambling purposes.

    People from all over the world rely upon their services and use the USD to play casino games.

    United States Dollar Online Casinos

    US Dollar (also referred to as $ or USD) is the most influential currency in the world. Although Pound Sterling and the Euro have a higher value at this point, they are not as popularly used around the world as the dollar is. This may be down to the fact that the world’s number one super power is the USA, and its influence on world markets is quite considerable.

    The dollar is accepted as trade currency in many countries around the world, often because some of these countries have rather weak currencies of their own. It can therefore not come as a surprise that the US dollars is accepted by most online casinos around the globe.


    To say that casinos that accept US Dollars accept US players couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, most online casinos around the world do not accept US players. There are two primary reasons for this:

    • Online gambling transactions are prohibited in most US states, with only 3 allowing online gambling via government approved State casinos.
    • In order to be ready to acquire a US license should they come available Casino Providers avoid contradicting the US decision to disallow online casino gambling to foreign operators
    • The risk of losing funds generated is high as the government might try seize them, or given the status of online transacting in the US operators would be forced to use less than stellar processing avenues which comes with its own risks.


    It’s rather strange that the country that has Las Vegas and Atlantic City, would be so opposed to online gambling. Vegas is the ‘City of Lights’ and home of the highest concentration of casinos and gambling entertainment in the US. People flock from s all over the States to try their hand at their favourite table games and slots.

    Renegade States: In the USA, the federal laws and state laws don’t always see eye to eye on matters. Fortunately, for citizens of Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, online gambling has been legalised for players over the age of 21 years.”


    US Dollars will be accepted by just about any online casino in the world, but this doesn’t mean that you should use it to wager with. It always makes far more sense to play with your own currency. It therefore only makes sense to play with dollars if you are either American, or your local currency is not accepted by a specific casino.

    Reasons to keep to your own currency:

    • If you play in your own currency, you will not be subject to any exchange rate fees and levies. Playing in alternative currencies may cost you a ‘pretty penny’.
    • You will have no problem doing currency conversions. This comes in handy when you want to wager or calculate your wins and losses. Having to sit with a calculator and configure confusing formulas for currency conversion could really do damage to your bankroll management.



    There is a great deal of advantages to playing in US dollar casinos. Some of the bigger perks include:

    Limitless Options:

    A diversity of casinos and licencing authorities are available to players wanting to spend dollars online. Most reputable casinos will accept US Dollars, which means you have a pick of providers from all of the various licensing jurisdictions. Though most of them will not accept American players, make sure you choose one of the more reputable gaming jurisdictions. If you are a citizen of the United States, look up casinos under the jurisdiction of gaming authorities in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.

    Games, Games and More Games:

    Because such a wide number of casinos offer service to gamblers using US Dollar currency, there is no limit to the types of games made available to you. If you are US resident, the choices of establishments are really restricted, but the selection of games are still pretty good.

    Games available to US$ currency at casinos around the world, include:

    • Slot games of every genre, like video slots, Vegas slots, classic slots, fruit slots, progressive slots, 3D slots and more.
    • Then there’s the table games like blackjack, poker, casino hold’em, baccarat, roulette, and craps.
    • Other game offers, like scratch cards, keno, bingo, and lotto games can also be played via your USD casino.
    • For a hybrid experience at the tables, your US Dollars can buy you a seat at ‘Live Dealer’ casinos. Here, you get to sit behind your PC in the comfort of your own home, while live casino interaction is brought to you by way of livestream.


    Payment Methods:

    Fortunately, because of the massive popularity of the US Dollar around the globe, there are plenty of reliable payment methods that support US Dollar currency.

    Some of the more popular payment and withdrawal methods include:

    • Credit and Debit Cards: Among these the most widely accepted brands are Visa and Mastercard. American Express is not popular amongst casino operator sites.
    • E- Wallets: this is a virtual wallet that provides fast and effective transfer of funds between yours and the casino’s account. The more popular versions for online casinos are Skrill and Neteller.
    • Bank Transfers: This includes Wire Transfers and EFT’s.


    Fast and Furious: Gamblers are always looking for the fastest and most efficient ways of transferring dollars to and from online casinos. E-Wallets are generally the fastest forms of transaction, and usually take less than an hour to transact in good cases and up to 24 hours in worse cases. They are also super safe.”


    Finding the right US Dollar casino might prove to be a daunting job. We at GamblersPick have therefore provided you with a reliable 5 Top Tips Checklist below, for things to look out for when choosing your US$ casino:

    1. If you are from the states, make sure that the casino accepts players from the USA, as accepting dollars will not guarantee you entry.
    2. Only play at fully licensed and regulated casinos. The more jurisdictions the casino has licenses with, the better. A casino with licenses from Malta, UK, Gibraltar, or Alderney are generally very reputable establishments.
    3. Look out for casinos that pay out in a timely manner (no more than 5 days).
    4. Pick a casino with decent payment methods (see above).
    5. Pick a casino with a wide games selection (see above).


    Top Bonuses

    Welcome Bonus


    100% up to $300 on your first deposit



    United States Dollar players are not necessarily residents of the US, but are scattered all over the world. In fact, the prohibitive online gambling laws in the States have led to significant shrinkage to Internet gaming in this country. Players from other nations however are more than happy to deposit and wager in USD at these leading operators. Those who also have e-wallets, bank accounts and credit cards in this currency don’t have to pay conversion fees and United States Dollar online casinos.

    For many players from smaller countries whose currencies didn’t make it on the list of accepted ones, the United States Dollar is always a great choice. Leading electronic wallets are available in this currency, so they can use this sandbox environment to do the conversion on their own.


    Are there many online casinos accepting United States Dollar?
    Online casinos accepting United States Dollars are second to none in terms of quality, size and they accept players from all over the world. This is the default currency for most gambling operators and it’s extremely difficult to find a casino that doesn’t offer it.
    Most of the people who play at a United States Dollar casino don’t reside in the United States. Still, they have no problem in playing the games and enjoy the same perks as if they were US citizens. The only downside is that conversion fees apply on the amount they use to load the online account.
    Americans and those who are paid in USD cherish the fact that they are not subject to foreign exchange commission when playing at United States Dollar casinos. The rest of the players are still happy to gamble at online operators that accept the world’s most used, therefore liquid currency.
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