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    Name: Verge
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: XVG
    Symbol: XVG

    Verge is rapidly gaining in popularity due to perks offered. Privacy and safety are the main premises of this cryptocurrency. As listed on the official Verge website, this digital currency is crafted using a significantly improved Bitcoin blockchain technology which makes it possible to deal with direct transactions of any kind.

    Verge Online Casinos

    At the time of writing this review, Verge is not accepted by many online casino venues out there simply because it is a relatively newly founded currency which has been around for five years. However, this will probably change some time in the future because Verge takes care of the players’ safety at all times by using several anonymity networks such as I2P and TOR alongside other tools. In other words, the IP addresses of its users are obfuscated while all Verge transactions are fully untraceable.

    Casinos for You


    When it comes to using Verge for gaming at online casinos, it works just like every other digital currency around. To use Verge, players need to download their Verge wallet which works across many different devices including Windows and Linux-powered desktop computers, as well as Android and iOS-powered mobile devices. Once they have their wallets set up, customers can easily purchase Verge coins and transfer them to their online gaming accounts at their preferred online casinos.


    Can I use Verge safely?

    It appears that Verge is safe to use, but customers should keep in mind that these kinds of currencies are generally unstable.

    Are Verge transactions fully anonymous?

    Yes, all Verge transactions are untraceable as it uses different anonymity networks such as I2P and TOR.

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