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  • Afrikaans is a West Germanic language that is spoken in Namibia, South African, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. The modern version of the language was mainly influenced by the Dutch vernacular while it has also adopted vocabulary from Khoisan and German language. Despite different influences, the vast majority of its vocabulary has a strong Dutch origin. Today, Afrikaans has over seven million native speakers only in South Africa which forms over thirteen percent of the country’s population. As estimated several years ago, Afrikaans has between fifteen and twenty-three million speakers across the globe.

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    It is also worth mentioning that Afrikaans has the widest racial and geographical distribution of all those eleven South African languages. Afrikaans has come a long way from the Dutch Cape Colony where it arose. Today, many international online casino gaming facilities that serve players from African mainly from South Africa and Namibia support Afrikaans alongside English and several other languages. Some of the best Afrikaans online casinos are mentioned below.


    What is the total number of native Afrikaans speakers?

    Afrikaans has around seven million native speakers in South Africa and between fifteen and twenty-three million speakers worldwide.

    Which currencies are accepted by Afrikaans online casinos?

    Afrikaans online casinos usually accept the Zimbabwean dollar, Botswana pula, South African rand, and Namibian dollar alongside other frequently offered options such as US Dollar, and Euro.

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