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  • As a West Germanic language, Luxembourgish has some similarities with other High German language varieties especially. The status of the language is set as an official language in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg which is a small, landlocked European country bordered by France, Germany, and Belgium. Its official language Luxembourgish has around 390,000 speakers. In Luxemburg, around fifty percent of citizens speak Luxembourgish which is also spoken in several other countries including France and Belgium in Lorraine and Arelerland.

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    Naturally, the language also has several different dialect forms including Stater, Veiner, Miseler, and Areler which are dominant across different communes including Vianden), Moselle, Arlon, and Luxembourg. Thanks to the growing popularity of Luxembourgish through social and mass media such as television and radio, more and more online casino venues offer their service and products in Luxembourgish. This means that players who speak Luxembourgish get to engage in online casino gaming activities using their native language.


    Where is Luxembourgish spoken?

    Luxembourgish is the official language of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg while it is also spoken by smaller communities in Belgium and France.

    Where can I find Luxembourgish online casinos?

    Some of the best, safest, and most reliable Luxembourgish online casinos are listed above.

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