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  • Hindi and Marathi languages have very similar origins since both are Indo-Aryan languages and both are spoken in India. While the Marathi language has around eighty-three million speakers, Hindi is more spoken as it has over three hundred twenty-two million speakers. It is worth mentioning that the Marathi language spoken by Marathi people is the official language of the Goa and Maharashtra states and one of the twenty-two languages spoken in India. After Bengali and Hindi, the Marathi language is the third most spoken language in India.

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    Spoken in several Indian states, Marathi languages has also speakers outside of Indian including Mauritius and Israel. Derived from a Maharashtri dialect many centuries ago, the language gradually evolved into the modern language back in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Today, Marathi is used in Maharashtra for everyday communication, as well as in the media, government, and education. Considering the growing popularity of online casino gaming in India, the Marathi language has also found its way into renowned online casinos that serve Indian customers. In other words, native speakers of Marathi can enjoy online casino gaming activities at many online casinos that offer excellent Marathi language supports. Some of these online casinos you will find listed below.


    What is the total number of native Marathi speakers?

    Marathi is spoken by around eighty-three million people residing in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

    Where can I find Marathi online casinos?

    Marathi online casinos are those iGaming venues that focus on serving Indian customers and some of the very best Marathi online casinos you will find listed here.

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