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    The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

    6 Casinos Jurisdiction: Ontario Canada Type: Local Founded: 2022


    Ontario's new igaming market is live, and players can now safely place sports bets and play online casino games at fully registered, licensed, and approved sites. Ontario is the first province in Canada to open a legal private online gambling market, and the recently established iGaming Ontario (iGO) launched the new market on the 4th of April 2022.

    Online Casinos Licensed by The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

    Dozens of operators registered in anticipation of the launch in Ontario's iGaming market as the province is the first in Canada to do so. PointsBet Canada and BetRivers were two of the first operators to enter the market.

    From the 4th of April 2022, Ontario residents can wager on casino games, sporting events and other gambling activities on websites and apps approved and licensed by the regulator.

    Ahead of the significant launch, operators have been ramping up advertising to reach users in Canada’s largest province, with some featuring well-known television actors and sports broadcasters in their advertisements.

    Even though online gambling already exists in the grey market, the province is confident that legalizing online gambling activities will protect users, offer more choice, and generate jobs and revenue.

    About The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

    Before a private gaming operator may begin offering their games to players, they must successfully register with the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) and execute an operating agreement with iGO. The various organizations have specific roles and work alongside each other to accomplish their mission in the online gambling market in Ontario.

    The AGCO is the regulator for the province, while iGaming Ontario, a subsidiary of AGCO, is the conduct and managing entity.

    iGaming Ontario

    Licensed operators will be required to conduct internet gaming offerings under the Canadian Criminal Code, the Gaming Control Act, and the Registrar's Standards for Internet Gaming.

    In addition, the operating agreement with private igaming operators requires that policies, programs, and procedures that fulfil the government objective, such as consumer protection, are followed. IGO must manage, implement and ensure that operators meet their contractual obligations and establish dispute resolution to respond to customer concerns.

    The AGCO

    Besides establishing and upholding gaming sites' standards and requirements applicable to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), the AGCO is responsible for ensuring the integrity of registered eligible igaming operators.

    Operators must comply with regulatory obligations and the registrar's standards for internet gaming. They work with operators and gaming suppliers to increase their understanding of regulatory obligations, improve overall compliance, and use sanctions, warnings, suspensions, penalties, and revocations (in the most severe cases) where compliance concerns are identified.

    The AGCO board of directors reports to the Attorney General of Ontario, and the iGaming Ontario Board of Directors is overseen by the AGCO board.

    Regulation Guidelines 

    The AGCO requires the registration of all platform providers, game systems suppliers, gaming developers, e-wallet providers, odds markets, sports integrity monitoring organizations, and independent test labs.

    Licenced entities will be required to familiarise themselves with the legislative and regulatory framework for Ontario igaming operations, including the Criminal Code, Gaming Control Act, Ontario Regulation, and the Registrars’ standards.

    All the above will collectively form part of the regulatory guidelines that registered entities must abide by. One highlight is that single-event betting is now allowed, as the Criminal Code removed the longstanding prohibitions on single-bet wagering.

    Other guidelines include sophisticated rules to prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Operators must perform identity verification (KYC) to comply with iGO policies and standards. The new igaming framework requires that player information be kept on file, with an annual reminder to review and update their information.


    The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Licensed Online Casinos

    Find Online casinos licensed and regulated by The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) Canada. 


    The AGCO’s main objective is to protect the public with the outcome of its regulatory requirements, and the iGO manages the market and the operators' contractual commitments.

    Safety measures in place include a focus on the following crucial aspects: 

    Responsible Gambling

    Licensed operators must have responsible gambling embedded in their culture. In addition, players need to have the tools and support to gamble responsibly, which includes the option for self-exclusion and available self-help tools.

    Game Integrity

    Operators may only offer games designed for fair play to their players. The aim is to build a leading igaming market in Ontario to help protect its consumers and provide more choices and opportunities while creating a level playing field for new businesses.

    Money Laundering

    A rigorous anti-money laundering program prevents the infiltration of online crime. For example, all criminal elements and activities (including money laundering) are detected and deterred by implementing KYC (know your client) requirements.


    Underaged individuals may not gamble online, and operators must ensure that minors are prevented from accessing and playing on registered platforms.

    Personal Information

    Operators are to ensure that their customer's personal and financial information is protected and kept private. Therefore, all licensed operators expect the implementation of state-of-the-art encryption software and SSL-protected platforms.

    The iGO's primary focus is to ensure that all licensed operators meet government revenue and financial reporting obligations. In addition, they must ensure that all igaming sites operating in Ontario's regulated market have strong player protection and meet responsible gambling requirements.

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    Is igaming l egal in Ontario?
    Since the 4th of April 2022, Ontario's legal iGaming market has officially opened. Ontario is the first province in Canada to regulate online gambling, and it is perfectly legal to participate in gambling activities on licensed igaming platforms.
    The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), established in February 1998, is the provincial regulatory agency of the igaming market in Ontario. iGaming Ontario, the subsidiary of AGCO, is responsible for regulating the market and issuing licences to operators and suppliers.
    Once a private gaming operator and supplier has successfully registered with AGCO and entered into an operating agreement with iGaming Ontario,  it will be able to offer internet gaming services in the province.
    Look for the iGO logo displayed on a betting site, as only licensed operators will have it on their platform. This means that you can play with confidence on that site and know that your information and money are subject to robust consumer protection measures. You can also read our reviews to find vetted and recommended safe casinos.
    Licensed operators give you peace of mind that you are playing on a secure website that offers a safer and more socially responsible experience. The licenced website’s operations are carefully monitored by iGO and regulated by AGCO.
    Every gaming operator has unique tools and customizations, if it fulfils the requirements set out by AGCO Registrar Standards. Tools such as spending limits, self-exclusion options, time-limit, and deposit limits are some of the minimum standards a gaming operator must offer.
    Players can participate in a voluntary self-exclusion program should they want to take a break from internet gambling. Self-exclusion options will include taking a short-term suspension, self-exclude for a longer-term, or permanently self-exclude from betting online.
    KYC stands for "know your client" and is required when you register at a licensed betting site. Fulfilling KYC includes verifying your identity, personal information, and proof of residence to confirm your age, who you are and where you reside.

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