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  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission


    Jurisdiction: Alderney
    Type: Offshore
    Founded: 2000
    Alderney Gambling Control Commission

    Online casino players from around the world can look to Alderney Gambling Control Commission for the licensing of safe and secure online casinos. Check out which online casinos are licensed by AGCC and what you can expect from them.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Alderney Gambling Control Commission

    Alderney is one of UK’s Channel Islands and legally speaking it is a British dependency. The island is also a home to the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, one of the world’s leading regulators for online gambling businesses, which currently licenses and regulates dozens of online casinos. Alderney Gambling Control Commission has been around since the year 2000 and is one of the oldest and most reliable gaming regulators in the industry, providing safe and fair gaming environment for players around to world for nearly two decades.

    About Alderney Gambling Control Commission

    Alderney Gambling Control Commission is independent from any government and it is a separate licensing body that issues licenses to online casinos and other gambling companies based on a number of factors. The body issues both business to customer and business to business licenses as well as temporary licenses for companies that only want to run a game of chance for a limited time. Alderney Gambling Control Commission licenses are considered to be among the most reliable and safest online casino licenses that a company could possibly have and those who operate under this license are usually reliable and long standing casinos.

    Casinos for You

    Alderney Gambling Control Commission Licensed Online Casinos

    Over its two decades of operation, AGCC has issued dozens of licenses to online gambling institutions, many of which are online casinos. Numerous prestigious online casinos operate under the AGCC operating license or under several licenses that include an AGCC one. Online casinos regulated by the AGCC are deemed to be among the best and most reliable in the industry.



    Playing at online casinos regulated by AGCC guarantees safety and fairness. The Commission not only inspects every applicant in detail upon application, but also does yearly checkups to ensure that the casino continues to be compliant with all the strict financial and other regulations that the body imposes. In order to receive and maintain the license, an online casino must prove financial stability, fairness of games and offer complete disclosure of all their internal dealings to the Commission. All of this means that AGCC online casinos are absolutely safe and if you are looking to gamble online, looking for an AGCC regulated casino is a good idea.


    1. Where is AGCC regulated and who operates it?

    AGCC is an independent body operating from the British dependency of Alderney, one of the UK Channel Islands.

    2. Are AGCC online casinos fair and safe to play at?

    AGCC licenses ensure a very high level of player safety and game fairness, making online casinos with AGCC license extremely good for the players.

    3. Which countries can I play from?

    AGCC licensed online casinos accept players from most jurisdictions, barring those where online casino play is completely illegal.

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