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  • State Commission on Gambling


    Jurisdiction: Bulgaria
    Country: Bulgaria
    AKA: DKH
    Type: Local
    Founded: 2017
    State Commission on Gambling

    In Bulgaria, all gambling is legal, but all types of gambling are monitored and heavily taxed. Find out more about the role of Bulgaria’s State Commission on Gambling.

    Online Casinos Licensed by State Commission on Gambling

    Since 2008, online gambling has been legal in Bulgaria, but it only became fully regulated in 2012.

    Unlicensed operators were immediately blacklisted, with the number of blacklisted operators growing constantly, while all other online casinos were subject to a 15% turnover tax.

    The blacklisted sites are blocked by country’s ISPs. However, there are no laws prohibiting players from playing on international sites, blacklisted or not. Since then, the turnover tax has been set at 20% for gross profits, and all casinos need to pay a one-time €50,000 licensing fee.

    About State Commission on Gambling

    Bulgaria has started issuing licenses to online casinos as early as 2012, which ultimately paved the way for a number of international companies to enter the Bulgarian gambling market.

    This includes many notable and reputable names in the industry. As soon as the taxes for licenses were lowered, the number of applications for licenses increased.

    All unlicensed online casinos are blocked and blacklisted by the internet service providers in the country.

    Casinos for You

    State Commission on Gambling Licensed Online Casinos

    Just like all the other forms of gambling are fully legal in Bulgaria, so is casino gambling, as well as playing at online casinos. In order to operate under the state laws, casino operators must obtain a gambling license issued by the Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling, which oversees all such operations in the country. To receive a license, online casinos need to adhere to the rules and requirements set forth by the Commission.


    The best way to make sure you are playing at a legal, safe and licensed casino is to check the license issued to the online casino. The country’s internet service providers made sure to block all unlicensed casinos, but there are always internationally based online casinos to which Bulgarians have access. If you do choose to play at an online casino not regulated by the Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling, make sure they have a reliable international license, such as one from the Malta Gambling Commission.


    What types of online gambling can I enjoy in Bulgaria?

    Thanks to country’s gambling laws, all forms of gambling are legal in Bulgaria. This includes of forms of casinos gambling, bingo, poker, all types of sports betting, lotteries, as well as Bitcoin gambling.

    How is gambling in Bulgaria regulated?

    All forms of gambling are regulated by the Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling, which oversees all types of gambling and games of chance.

    Can I play at international online casinos in Bulgaria?

    Players can legally play at international online casinos, provided they aren’t black listed by country’s ISPs. Playing at casinos not licensed by the state, blacklisted or not, isn’t illegal for the players.

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