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  • Danish Gambling Authority


    Jurisdiction: Denmark
    Country: Denmark
    Type: Local
    Founded: 2006
    Danish Gambling Authority

    The Danish Gambling Authority is the main body when it comes to regulating and enforcing the country’s strict gaming legislation to make gambling safe. Find out more about the Danish Gambling Authority.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Danish Gambling Authority

    Online casinos licenses have been available for private companies to obtain since 2012, with most of these having already been issued. All online casinos that acquire such a license can only feature a certain range of games at their sites, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and ‘punto banco,’ while sports betting and the lottery remain a state monopoly. Online casinos can obtain an operating license if they feature games that rely not solely on luck, but also on skill as well, like backgammon.

    About Danish Gambling Authority

    Currently, casinos and gaming arcades are the most popular form of gambling in all of Denmark, and the only form of legal games of chance. In 2010, Denmark passed the Gambling Act that was meant to regulate the gambling activity in the country. Under this law, all gambling forms are legal if the operator has obtained an operating license. This includes sports betting, casinos and lotteries. So far, the Danish Gambling Authority has issued more than 25 licenses that apply to both Danish and international operators for online casinos.

    Casinos for You

    Danish Gambling Authority Licensed Online Casinos

    The Danish Gambling Authority issues the licenses needed to operate an online casino. The regulatory body issues these licenses to both local and international companies, which gives the Danish a wide range of online casinos they can choose from. Those who are looking for even a greater selection of online casinos can turn to unlicensed sites that provide these services, as the Danish government does not prohibit players from accessing these sites, although they are sometimes blacklisted by ISPs.



    Denmark has set the minimum age for gambling at 18, and this law is enforced strictly throughout the entire country and online, where you will be asked to present your personal ID. There are also numerous other provisions in place that make gambling a lot more strict, but all the more safe.


    How old do I have to be to gamble online from Denmark?

    All those who want to play at online casinos from Denmark have to be at least 18 years old, no matter whether they are Danish citizens or not.

    Is it possible to gamble at international online casinos in Denmark?

    The Danish Gambling Authority has made it possible to gamble at Danish as well as international online casinos, provided they have a license. Players can play at other sites as well, as long as they aren’t blocked by country’s ISPs.

    What games are allowed at Danish online casinos?

    At Danish online casinos, you can play all sorts of slots and casino table games, as well as different games that combine luck and skill.

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