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  • Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies


    Jurisdiction: Italy
    Country: Italy
    Type: Local
    Founded: 2006
    Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies

    In Italy, AAMS stands for the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies, and this government body is tasked with issuing gambling licenses. Find out more about online gambling in Italy and the AAMS.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies

    While the Italian government has tried everything to closely monitor, oversee, and control online gambling in the country, even going so far as to suppress operators from setting up in Italy. However, online gambling had become fully legal in Italy, after even the government started setting up online gambling sites, in order to have a better insight into the entire business model. On January 1st, 2007, online gambling became fully legalized in Italy and made all illegal enterprises obsolete.

    About Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies

    Online gambling became legal in 2007, but only in 2011 was overall gambling fully legalized in Italy. This prompted gambling operators to obtain gambling license in order to legally operate in the country.  All operators of gambling establishments, both land-based and online casinos, need to obtain the local gambling license issued by the AAMS, the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies. This license covers a wide range of games, ranging from casino and poker games, bingo, and games of chance to games of skill, sports betting, and horse racing. If the operators meet the requirements put forth by the AAMS, they will be issued an operating license.

    Casinos for You

    Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies Licensed Online Casinos

    In Italy, there are currently over 200 online gambling sites available. Some 150 of those are just online casinos, while the rest of them are intended purely for bingo, poker, and other forms of gambling. Before more than a thousand licenses were issued to both domestic and foreign online gambling sites and online casinos, Italian government had been accused of blocking foreign websites. After a new law was passed, foreign operators were able to apply for licenses and offer their services to Italian players.



    We've mentioned earlier that the AASM is tasked with handling all matters that concern all forms of gambling in Italy, like issuing gambling licenses to online casinos and enforcing the gambling laws within the country. If an operator violates any of the laws in place that protect Italian players as well as foreign players, there is a number of penalties, that range anywhere from trials, monetary fines, forfeitures, prison sentences, as well as other ways to dissuade illegal and unfair gambling practices.


    Are online casinos allowed to operate in Italy?

    In Italy, the AAMS is the regulating body that issues licenses to both local and foreign operators that run both land-based and online casinos. Online casinos are allowed to operate if they obtain a valid license.

    How many online casinos are available to Italian players?

    There are now over 200 online gambling websites available to Italian players, with 150 of them online casinos.

    Is it safe to play at Italian online casinos?

    There are strict laws in place that make online gambling in Italy completely safe and fair.

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