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    Kahnawake Gaming Commission

    6 Casinos Jurisdiction: Kahnawake Type: Offshore Founded: 1999


    Located in the Native American region of Kahwanake, the KGC is one of the most popular gaming regulators, especially among the USA facing online casinos.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission

    With a seat in the Mohawk territory of Kahwanake in Quebec, Canada, the Kahwanake Gaming Commission is one of the most reputable online gambling regulators in the world. The regulator has issued dozens of licenses for online casino businesses to date as well as for many other gambling operators. Online casinos licensed by the Kahwanake Gaming Commission often accept players from territories that other licenses do not allow, but the license requires a very high standard of safety and regulation from the casinos that apply for it.

    About Kahnawake Gaming Commission

    As every online gambler soon learns it is imperative to do your homework before joining up at a real money casino. Getting a pretty website and making lavish promises is easy, the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. Where the pudding is what their customers, like the GamblersPick Community, have to say about them!

    Casinos with licensing certificates from reputable authorities are always a green flag! If an operator is under the jurisdiction of a reputable licensing authority, your risk of encountering dodgy practices is minimised considerably.

    In the context of this article, we will focus on online and mobile casinos regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.


    The name is quite a mouth full, but that’s because it is a Canadian Indian name. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is situated in the Kahnawake Indian Reserve, just outside of Montreal, in Quebec, Canada. It is one of the longest standing online gambling regulators in existence, having been in business since 1996.

    The One and Only: The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was the only North American Licensing Authority, prior to the recent arrival of US based commissions. Although, founded in 1996, it first began licensing and regulating online casinos in 1999.”

    The Commission is one of the more liberal of the better regulating authorities, which bases its governance on three primary principles, rather than pages of painstakingly detailed guidelines.

    Primary Principles of Governance:

    • Fair Gaming to all players: The commission is dedicated towards safeguarding player interests.
    • Payouts Guarantee:  All operators must have a system in place that guarantees payouts to its players, before an application will be successful.
    • Geographical Reference: Players using casino services must be within the countries that are recognised by Kahnawake jurisdiction.


    For the love of the player! It is evident that this commission will go the ‘full hog’ to protecting player interests. It has not shied away from high profile disputes in the past. Resolution of the ‘UltimateBet Absolute Poker Scandal’ saw the casino having to pay back $22 million to players who were cheated, as well as a $1.5 million fine. If that is not looking out for the man in the street, what is?


    Approval as a supported operator is rigorous and not cheap:

    Rigorous testing, and applying a reasonable licensing fee, ensures that an online casino licensee is going to be serious about doing it right.

    • CA $5,000 -  get your application started
    • CA $15,000 - covers software testing and a due diligence review of the applicant
    • CA $10,000 – will be your ongoing annual license fee, if you were approved!

    The result of an application by a group not committed to the stringent standards set by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission will be both wasted time and money!

    The commission is completely transparent:

    The KGC releases detailed statistics of complaints made about operators. These statistics include the number of complaints submitted per year, type of offenses committed, as well as the resolution of each, stating whether the outcome was in favour of the player or the casino.


    From the above info, it seems that the KGC is purely interested in player protection. This is simply not the case. The commission is dedicated to fair casino operations for all parties. They will protect vendors from players making unfair claims to the same degree that they protect players from casinos who have delivered subpar service. Aside from the protection offered, casinos benefit from the KGC in a few more ways:

    • Impressive infrastructure and human resources
    • Huge Bandwidth
    • Multi-Layered Security Systems



    The quality of service excellence presented by a gambling authority goes along way to give you understanding of the sort of service you can expect from a casino in its jurisdiction. The stricter the regulations, the better service you will receive as a player. Though not quite as strict as some of the other European regulator bodies, this Canadian licensor certainly maintains a firm grip on the casinos under its care. So, how does this all translate at our favourite North American casino?

    Regulated Complaints

    Because the regulator has a name for sticking up for the small guy, casinos under this jurisdiction often deal well with customers at first base, before the case is escalated to the next level. This promotes good customer service.

    THE 3 SSS’s of Standardisation

    As stated earlier, the KGC does thorough research into the casino itself, as well as the software provided by these operators. If these do not meet the expected standard they will not be licensed. KGC licensing ensures that casinos offer a quality site, efficient software, and top-notch customer service.

    Guaranteed to meet your match

    As a result of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission ensuring that casinos guarantee payouts as stipulated, you can rest easy knowing that match bonuses, cash back bonuses, and regular winnings withdrawals will be honoured. If not, the commission will be sure to step in on your behalf, but casino operators would sooner avoid this than withhold payments from you.

    Adults Only! Please remember that the minimum legal age for gambling under KGA jurisdiction is 18 years old. Underage gamblers will not be able to withdraw funds.

    Quality and Quantity of Entertainment

    You will be able to play just about any gambling game you can think of at a Kahnawake Gaming Commission casino. With around 50 licensed operators and 250 casinos on the network, you are sure to find the title you want. Games include: Slots, table games, Live Dealer games, scratch cards, Keno and Lotto games, and dice games.

    Because the software at accredited casinos are rigorously tested, you can ensure that the titles that you play will be rendered well and provide you with smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

    Nothing should stop you from extending your casino provider portfolio to vendors from this North American gambling authority. Not only are you guaranteed top quality casino games, but also great backup, should you need it. But, as with any casino search, be sure to read the GamblersPick Community reviews on a particular casino before signing up and spending a red cent.

    Kahnawake Gaming Commission Licensed Online Casinos

    With so many online casino licenses available, many companies opt to apply for a Kahwanake Gaming Commission license due to its slightly more lenient requirements. Online casinos looking to operate within the US may not work under Malta or Gibraltar licenses, making Kahwanake a popular choice among such casinos. Several dozen very popular and high quality online casinos operate under a Kahwanake Gaming Commission gaming license today.


    Unlike some other regulators out there, the KGC does not require online casinos to keep player funds in segregated accounts, which may be of concern to some players. However, KGC does require each casino it licenses to ensure fairness and randomness of each game it offers and keep player information and funds well secured and hidden behind a powerful encryption. International players are guaranteed a reasonable level of safety at Kahwanake online casinos and the fact that US players can enjoy playing there is certainly a big advantage.

    Top Bonuses

    Welcome Bonus


    100% up to $300 on your first deposit



    Are Kahwanake online casinos safe?
    Kahwanake Gaming Commission ensures a very high level of player safety and funds protection, making online casinos it licenses very safe for the players.
    Many US facing online casinos are licensed by the jurisdiction of Kahwanake. The most popular European casinos do not own Kahwanake licenses.
    Kahwanake online casinos allow a wide spectrum of deposit options, including cryptocurrency options for US players looking to stay under the radar.

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