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  • Lithuania Gaming Control Authority


    Jurisdiction: Lithuania
    Country: Lithuania
    Type: Local
    Founded: 2012
    URL: lpt.lrv.lt
    Lithuania Gaming Control Authority

    Find out how the Lithuania Gaming Control Authority regulates all forms of gambling as well as online casinos in Lithuania, a country that has undoubtedly one of the fastest growing economy in the European Union.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Lithuania Gaming Control Authority

    Gambling has been legal in Lithuania since 2001, and players can enjoy all types of casino games at a number of land-based casino establishments.

    This also applies to operating sports betting parlors and online casinos, as long as the company that operates a parlor or a website has applied and been issued an operating license by the country’s Gaming Control Authority.

    This regulatory body will also block all international and foreign online casinos that try to operate in the Lithuanian market without a valid license.

    About Lithuania Gaming Control Authority

    While gambling became legal with the passing of the Gambling Regulation in 2001, as of 2016, online gambling and running an online casino is only allowed if the operator has been issued a valid license by the Gaming Control Authority, and, if the company has no physical office in Lithuania, has partnered up with one of the land-based gambling establishments.

    Casinos for You

    Lithuania Gaming Control Authority Licensed Online Casinos

    There are currently 165 online casinos that operate in the Lithuanian market under a license issued by the Lithuania Gaming Control Authority. These casinos operate either in English or Lithuanian, and accept wagers in Euros, US Dollars or Lithuanian Litas.

    These online casinos feature a wide range of various casino games, which range from slots, over table games, to various types of poker, as well as dice games. All casino companies that operate from within the European Economic Area are subject to receiving an online gambling license as long as they have one casino, five or more horse race betting establishments, ten or more slot machine halls, or other forms of betting parlors in the country.


    Lithuania regularly blocks and blacklists all foreign and domestic online casinos that have not applied for an operating license with the Lithuania Gaming Control Authority. The best way to make sure you are playing at a fully legit, safe and fair online casino is to check for a valid operating license issued by the Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority.


    Is gambling legal in Lithuania?

    Gambling became completely legal in Lithuania in 2001, when the Gambling Regulation was passed, and is allowed to all citizens who are 18 years and older.

    Are online casinos allowed to operate in Lithuania?

    Online casinos are allowed to operate in Lithuania if the apply for a valid operating license with the Gaming Control Authority. The operator also has to have a physical office in the country, or at least partner up with one of the local gambling establishments.

    Is online gambling in Lithuania safe?

    All forms of gambling are completely safe in Lithuania. It is supervised by the Gaming Control Authority, the country’s main gambling regulatory body.

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