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    Malta Gaming Authority

    193 Casinos Jurisdiction: Malta Type: Offshore Founded: 2001


    The Malta Gaming Authority is the top gaming regulator in the industry, licensing many of the world’s premiere online casinos. If you are looking for a safe and reliable online casino to play at, looking for one with a Malta license is surely a great idea.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority

    First founded back in 2000, the Malta Gaming Authority is one of the ultimate gaming regulators in the world. Regulating over 200 of the best online casinos in the world, the Malta Gaming Authority is well recognized as one of the finest companies of the kind.

    The MGA issues licenses only to those online gambling operators that are able to comply with its extremely high requirements in terms of keeping player funds safe and the games 100% fair and transparent. From detailed initial vetting, to detailed checkups every six months, the Malta Gaming Authority makes online casinos provide a truly fair and safe gaming environment if they are to become and remain licensed by the body.

    About Malta Gaming Authority

    The popularity of online gambling has been a global phenomenon. There is not one country in the world where online casino operators have not seen some interest from players. Because of the very nature of online gambling, dealing with money and the lack of walk-in shopfront, a level of trust has to exist between the vendors and the patrons.

    It is imperative that an online or mobile casinos proves to its customers that in exchange for their time, support and hard-earned cash they can expect fair play, great service and the best eGaming entertainment available.

    There are always those less reputable operators looking to take advantage of the ignorant and the naïve. GamblersPick is here to ensure you have the information you need to make a reasoned, informed decision and ultimately choose a casino who offers fair and protected gaming. It is your money at stake, after all.

    The Answer To Our Perils

    Fortunately more and more jurisdictions around the world are being regulated by authorities and commissions who serve the local government and protect players by maintaining ethical and safe online gambling practices. These bodies are tasked with overseeing the online gambling practices of those who trade within their jurisdictions.

    GamblersPick aims to steer players in the direction of safety. We promote safe, fair and responsible gambling. As such, we have opted to present you with the facts so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

    In this guide, we will have a look at what we can expect from casinos licensed by the ‘Malta Gaming Authority’.

    Poodles and Gambling? What a COMBO!

    I find it ironic that one of the smallest countries in Europe is responsible for breeding one of the smallest dogs in the world, the Maltese Poodle. But, aside from its tiny size and diminutive dog breeds, Malta punches above its weight in the billion-dollar industry of online gambling.

    Situated south of Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea, one can truly see what draws people to this magic archipelago. This former British colony received its independence in 1964 and now stands as an independent member of the European Union.

    By the end of 2016, Malta’s gambling industry accounted for 11.6% of the countries revenue, which is a massive stake in the market. With 513 remote gambling licenses (as of end 2016), the industry accounted for 6,200 full-time jobs in direct employ by casino, and an additional 2,800 jobs associated to this business.

    Not a few Pennies: By the start of 2017, MGA had generated €62.5m in revenues. Furthermore, contributions in gaming taxes to the government totalled €56.2m.”

    So why the hype for this heritage site?

    We need to ask ourselves why online operators are drawn to this tiny island. While the views and relaxing ocean is great for tourism surely online gambling operators need more than that?

    Malta’s Top 3 Online Casino Drawcards…

    1. Current MGA licenses do not distinguish between games played at remote casinos, nor do they distinguish between the various types of technologies that can be used. This means that one license can be used to cover both the regular online gambling as well as mobile gambling sites. On top of this, there is no restriction to the types of games that can be offered by providers. This gives operators a little more freedom.
    2. The tax rate in Malta is a flat 35% on businesses, which may seem steep, but when you take into account that shareholders that take dividends from businesses may claim up to 85% of their taxes back, you can understand the draw card to the area. This represents an actual tax payment of only 5% on profits.
    3. Malta’s position within the Eurozone means that operators are less at the mercy of international capital markets than in other tax regions. This makes the area extremely popular with international operators.


    A fist full of the market! Malta hosts 10% of the world’s online gambling operations. All of this from an Archipelago 5 times smaller than London.”

    The Reputation of a Super Star

    As the first country in the world to regulate online gambling, the first regulations were borrowed from the Lotteries and Other Games Act. This soon gave rise to more rigid regulations laid out by the Malta Gambling Commission. As the pioneer for the industry, the MGA became the benchmark of what all regulating authorities aspire to be. The MGA started off as and remains the leader in gambling licensing and governance.

    Home of Remote Gambling: Malta is the host of one of the most prestigious online gambling events, the “Summit of iGaming, Malta”, commonly known as ‘SiGMA’. This event brings together all the leaders of the industry, with dozens of exhibitioners showing off their brands, involving many VIP speakers.”

    The MGA pride themselves in the top-notch reputation that they have built for themselves, and are openly admired for:

    • Their strict structures and regulations.
    • High level of openness, fairness, and honesty.
    • Protecting against crime.
    • Offering security to guard minors and other vulnerable players.


    Global Scope of Influence! The jurisdiction of the MGA includes over 180 countries worldwide, including big spenders, such as UK, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Poland, India, Japan, and more.”

    No Free Pass

    If you think it’s easy or cheap for operators to receive MGA licensing, then think again. The rigorous approval process is good news to you and me, because it means that any casino registered with this authority is sure to offer the best online gambling and support experience.

    The application process involves high costs and intensive investigation:

    • All potential operators applying for a license must submit their software to the ‘Malta Gaming Authority’ 6 months before they plan on opening for business. This is done so that the software can be tested on multiple levels.
    • The operator must supply all financial and personal background information for processing.
    • All details about an applicant’s criminal history must be submitted.
    • All information about an applicant’s involvement in legal or commercial dealings.


    All licensed casinos sign a binding contract with the MGA to uphold the regulations stipulated. Any deviation from these approved and permitted practices will result in immediate annulment of the license.

    4 Basic Criteria outlined in license agreement:

    1. License holders, their associates and personal meet corporate and personal standards of integrity.
    2. All software used must conform to international standards.
    3. Casino operating systems cannot be used for criminal activities.
    4. Players must be treated fairly, Winnings must be paid out in accordance with the interactive gaming and wagering regulations.

    So, it seems that the MGA needs everything, except the kitchen sink!

    Why should I care about all of this?

    When you have a good understanding of the quality of license authority governing casinos, you will have a good idea of the type of casino you can expect to deal with.

    What can we expect from Maltese licensed casinos?

    • A Tight Ship: Due to the sheer number of casinos operating under this jurisdiction, you can expect that the level of service offered will distinguish the good from the bad. You can be assured that in this market, each casino will try and offer you the best service possible.
    • Fairness: The license agreement holds casinos to account for unfair practices, therefore any online casino ‘sporting’ the MGA brand will offer fair and ethical treatment to its players.
    • Excellent Software: The vigorous testing of an applicant’s software over the course of 6 months ensures that you, as a player, are offered the very best quality software to engage your favourite games on.
    • Variety of Tech: As stated previously, the nature of the licensing in Malta allows for casinos to operate both their online sites and mobile sites under one license. This means that you are almost guaranteed that you can enjoy both desk top and ‘on the go’ entertainment all under one umbrella, which makes things far more convenient for all players involved.
    • Plethora of Games: Because the Maltese license does not identify any particular casino games under its term and conditions, casinos are open to offering just about any form of game and title that they choose. You can therefore expect some of the best games libraries at MGA approved casinos. From a vast array of slot games, to table games and more, you will be spoiled for choice at a Malta regulated casino.
    • Multi-Currency Betting: Because the jurisdiction of MGA casinos extends to a variety of countries, you will be able to play many games in your own currency, so as to avoid exchange rate issues.


    The Balancing Act

    Gambling authorities do not only exist to look after the man in the street exclusively, but their fair practice must also safeguard their vendors. After all, it is them that keep the regulating authority’s doors open.

    Because of this, the MGA advises that you try and sort out any disputes with a casino first. If you find that resolution of issues is impossible by this avenue, that as a last result, you provide your written grievance to the commission, who will then look into the problem.

    Malta Gaming Authority Licensed Online Casinos

    Online casinos regulated by the jurisdiction of Malta are well recognized in the industry as some of the safest and most reliable out there. As such, most of the world’s finest online casinos choose to apply for licenses with this regulator as the license proves that the casino is operating with the highest level of transparency.

    You can check out a full list of online casinos regulated by this prestigious regulatory body right here.


    The level of security provided by the Malta Gaming Authority license is unprecedented. In order to receive a Class 1 gaming license from the body, an online casino is required to ensure that all player funds are held safely, that the business is operating with a high level of liquidity and that each game it offers is 100% fair.

    External game audits by companies like eCorga is required every 6 month in order to keep the license. Malta regulated online casinos are considered to be the safest in the industry and it is our recommendation to play with them if you wish to play in a secure and fair gaming environment.

    Top Bonuses

    Welcome Bonus


    100% up to $300 on your first deposit



    What does Malta Gaming Authority ensure?
    A casino with a gaming license from the MGA is required to keep your money and information 100% safe and provide a proof of game fairness on a regular basis, making such casinos extremely safe.
    Malta regulated online casinos offer some of the widest game portfolios in the industry, giving you a chance to play any type of a gambling game you can imagine.
    No! Malta Gaming Authority does not allow casinos to accept players from US and other countries where online gambling is not legal.

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