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  • Panama Gambling Regulator


    Jurisdiction: Panama
    Country: Panama
    Type: Offshore
    Founded: 2002
    URL: mef.gob.pa
    Panama Gambling Regulator

    Panama is home to some of the most liberal gambling laws and to numerous land-based as well as online casinos. Find out more about the Panama Gambling Regulator.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Panama Gambling Regulator

    Panama is known all over the globe for its liberal and open gambling laws, towards both land-based and online gambling establishments. In Panama, you will encounter quite a large number of brick and mortar casinos, and the online casinos operating from Panama are also numerous. However, to receive an operating license from the gaming authorities in Panama, companies have to follow many rules and adhere to the strictest standards. Before 1997, only the state was allowed to operate land-based casinos, but later companies were allowed to open their own casinos as well. Online casinos, on the other hand, do not have to follow the same strict rules, and Panamanians can enjoy gambling at both local and foreign casinos without any restrictions.

    About Panama Gambling Regulator

    Despite being a small country, Panama still tries to regulate gambling enterprises and issues licenses to online casinos in order to have a better oversight. Online casinos registered and licensed in Panama are not audited as strictly as the land-based casinos. Online casinos operators just have to adhere to the laws, pay the licensing fees and refrain from illegal activities. This has led to some of the casinos offering subpar gambling experiences, unlike other establishments in Panama. Panamanians enjoy a freedom unlike no other people, and are allowed to gamble both at domestic and international online casinos, as the country does not blacklist foreign online gambling operators.

    Casinos for You

    Panama Gambling Regulator Licensed Online Casinos

    Currently, there are a couple of hundred online casinos that offer their services to players from Panama. Panamanian online casino operators offer their services to both local and international players. As of 2002, international online casino operators can apply with the Panama Gambling Regulator for an operating license that allows them to offer their online casino services from websites hosted in Panama. These operators are tax-exempt when they offer their services to foreign players, but can offer them to local players as well.


    As we already mentioned, the laws concerning online casinos in Panama are not as strict as those dealing with land-based casinos. Panamanians can freely play at foreign casinos that offer language options and customer support in Spanish. However, players still have to stay careful and make sure to only play with properly licensed casinos to avoid any unpleasant developments.


    Is online gambling fully legal in Panama?

    Panama has a long-standing tradition of operating both land-based and online casinos. Gambling is completely legal in the country, as well as at foreign online casinos.

    Are there any restrictions for Panamanians when it comes to gambling at international online casinos?

    Panama has less strict laws when it comes to online casinos, so players are allowed to play at foreign online casinos.

    Is it safe to gamble at online casinos hosted in Panama due to lax regulations?

    It is fully safe to gamble at Panamanian online casinos as long as they have a proper operating license.

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