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  • By GPStaff | Mar 12, 2019 | Big Wins

    Another Big Win on Wazdan’s Great Book of Magic Deluxe Online Slot

    Another Big Win on Wazdan’s Great Book of Magic Deluxe Online Slot 2019 is proving to be the year for incredible jackpot wins on Wazdan's Great Book of Magic Deluxe slot machine. This latest big win puts the jackpot tally at well over €100,000 and it's only March!
    2019 is proving to be the year for incredible jackpot wins on Wazdan's Great Book of Magic Deluxe slot machine. This latest big win puts the jackpot tally at well over €100,000 and it's only March!

    Casinos for You

    Wazdan have proven themselves to be passionate creators of fantastic online slot entertainment, and while they have a portfolio of well over 100 HTML 5 casino games, and are adding up to 12 new games each year, it is really Great Book of Magic Deluxe that has proven to be 2019’s breakout success! 

    With a full deck of amazing custom features - which include Volatility Levels™, Double Screen Mode, Energy Saving Mode, Ultra Fast Mode and Ultra Lite Mode – in addition to paying out a string of jackpots early in the year, it is no surprise that Great Book of Magic Deluxe has captured our attention. 

    Slots Wins Aplenty with Great Book of Magic Deluxe 

    A very happy Nordicasino patron recently had the good fortune to experience a hot streak on the Great Book of Magic Deluxe online slot racking up several decent sized wins which peaked with a mind blowing single jackpot payout of €22,675 on a spin of €100! At the end of the play session the lucky punter had taken in a total of €28,776.70 from their time at the slot machines. 

    Andrzej Hyla, Head of Sales at Wazdan, had the following to say of this fantastic win: 

    "We are always thrilled to hear of big wins on Wazdan games. Great Book of Magic Deluxe has long been a favourite for players, and it is satisfying to see the game giving big prizes to those who love it.” 

    As fantastic as it is to see winnings in excess of twenty-eight thousand Euros it could easily be written off as an isolated incident, a right-time right-slot moment. However January 2019 also saw Great Book of Magic Deluxe turning a Svenbet players dreams into reality when it paid out not one but five times! The player played five €100 spins and was rewarded with a €26,125 payout, 2x €25,000 jackpots, a €23,500 win and finally €19,825 to bring their total wins to a staggering €90,775! 

    Recommended What Makes Great Book of Magic Deluxe Special? 

    On the surface Great Book of Magic Deluxe is an online slot like many others, it is a 5 Reel 3 Row casino game that offers 20 paylines and a series of expected in-game features like Scatters that unlock up to 10 free spins and a gamble feature to push the odds on those big wins up to 7 times. 

    Where it veers away from the norm is in terms of the special features that are unique to Wazdan. It is these features that could have a direct impact on the potential frequency and size of the wins accumulated on the slot in question. 

    ✓ 1. Volatility Levels: Wazdan offers its fans the ability to cycle through the various levels of volatility for each spin individually. This means that on a spin by spin basis you get to choose whether you will stake at a low, medium or high volatility. Starting with a small budget and looking to get more bang for your proverbial buck? Then select to play on low volatility. Been on a hot streak or have the budget to play for high stakes and the chance of a big win? Then set the spins to high volatility! Selecting your preferred setting for the next spin is as easy as clicking an up or down arrow. 

    ✓ 2. Ultra-Fast Mode: Wazdan has also included the ability to adjust the game speed to one of the following three: slow, normal or super-fast. These are represented by either a tortoise, a rabbit or a cheetah so you can see at a glance what level you’re on. While this speed setting has no direct impact on your RTP or payouts it does impact how many games you can play in any allotted time frame. 

    Highest Rated Getting the Most Out of a Winning Combination 

    Clearly Wazdan’s Great Book of Magic Deluxe slot has some great winning potential, and with an absolute plethora of noteworthy features is worth a spin to see if you could be the next lucky player. 

    It is worth noting that in both cases, in addition to spinning at higher speeds and playing at either the normal or high volatility setting, the winners were also playing at max bet. While playing at €100 per spin does not impact your percentile chances of winning it does allow you to get the greatest possible return on any string of winning combinations that you’re lucky enough to land. 

    In practical terms landing 5x Wizard symbols on the reels at €0.20 per spin will net you a €50 win. While the same symbols will reward you with €25,000 when playing at max bet. The choice is yours as to which payout you’d rather play for.  

    Be sure to visit our recommended list of online casinos which offer Wazdan casino games to enjoy excellent bonuses and world class slots entertainment.


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