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    Defy Ancient Egyptian Gods and Claim Their Riches with Max Quest: Wrath of Ra by Betsoft

    Defy Ancient Egyptian Gods and Claim Their Riches with Max Quest: Wrath of Ra by Betsoft Join us to discover why and how the elder gods of ancient Egypt have chosen to rise again as we delve into the bonus features, coin bonuses and innovative new game play behind Betsoft Gaming's latest casino game, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra!
    Join us to discover why and how the elder gods of ancient Egypt have chosen to rise again as we delve into the bonus features, coin bonuses and innovative new game play behind Betsoft Gaming's latest casino game, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra!

    Casinos for You

    Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is truly nothing like any other casino game you’ve ever experienced before. Using the tried and trusted Random Number Generator used for your favourite Online Slots Betsoft Gaming have come up with an insanely fun and exciting adventure shooting game!

    You’re are the hero the world doesn’t know it needs! Called up by a Professor Finnley Orgarian to investigate an ancient Egyptian burial site that has been uncovered you are left with the words that all intrepid adventurer loves to hear! This is dangerous and very rewarding!

    As you mow down hordes of scarabs, mummies and ancient gods with an array of guns, grenades and even laser weapons you will be unlocking hidden quests, levelling up your chosen character and uncovering rewards and bonus multipliers!

    Virtual Reality Fantastic Sound and Graphics Bring the Undead to Life!

    The sound and visual design of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is fantastic for what it is – an action adventure shooting casino game. So what does this mean for you as the player?

    First off the majority of the in-game sound elements comprise of grenade explosions, a panel of gun blasts – which include a handgun, shotgun and automatic machine gun – and finally a series of high powered laser and plasma rifles. Each of these is distinct in fire pattern, speed and sound which really makes them feel and play like unique weapons.

    The weapons at your disposal are:

    ✓ The Handgun – this standard low damage weapons come with as many bullets as you chose to purchase in the beginning (each shot with this is a bet at the bullet price you selected)
    ✓ The Shotgun – rated 3/5 stars this gun hits a single enemy each time you fire
    ✓ The Grenade – rated 3.5/5 stars this explosive hits up to 5 enemies each time
    The Machine Gun – rated 4/5 stars this rapid-fire weapon can also ricochet bullets to hit multiple targets
    ✓ The Laser – rated 4/5 stars, it fires an intense high power energy beam at a single target. These beams stand a chance to ricochet.
    ✓ The Plasma Rifle – rated 5/5 stars this monstrous weapon is slow to fire but aims to destroy enemies where they stand immediately. Great in boss fights.

    Given the ancient Egyptian tomb setting of the game the enemies are naturally various skittering gem encrusted scarab beetles, shuffling undead mummies and various gigantic godlike beings, the most recognisable being the jackal-headed Anubis!

    The enemies you encounter include:

    ✓ Scarab Beetles – the range from hatchlings up to Ruby Crypt Watchers
     Mummies – these include Wrapped Minion, Shadowguard and Spiritguard
    ✓ Tahawy Warrior – this mummified warrior carries a shield and scimitar
    ✓ Bataanta – these undead giants come in Crimson or Emerald and are worth killing

    When it comes the over visual appeal of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Marina Ostrovtsova, Product Director at SoftSwiss is quoted as saying: “The game looks awesome – the art is just stunning…”

    Baccarat You’ve Never Seen Casino Gameplay like This!

    Given this is not a slot machine the gameplay is not going to be what you expect, however it is extremely simple which makes it really entertaining and some of the gameplay features like the Leaderboard, jackpot prize pool and even coin size setting are familiar enough to set your mind at ease.

    Upon loading Max Quest you will be asked to select an Avatar and enter a Username. These appear on the game screen and will contain your wins and your number of experience points (called XP).

    You will also be asked to select the ‘Cost per Bullet’ which is simply how you set the coin size. Before you start a game you will get to select how many bullets you want to purchase – this is your initial buy in or stake.

    Betsoft Gaming made it easy for everyone to enjoy Max Quest regardless of its frenetic pace. You have two options either hold down the button and pick your own targets, or right-click on an enemy and the game will continue to shoot for you, switching enemies automatically as they are destroyed. Sounds a lot like auto-spin to us!

    Each time you fire at an enemy you stand a chance to destroy them, destroying enemies is how you rack up wins in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Enemies can also drop collectible items, more powerful weapons (your starting handgun is fine at first but you want more firepower) and of course XP.

    XP is how you rank up your character in the game, this pushes you up the leaderboard and puts you in line to win a bigger share of the prize pool – much like playing a social slot machine that has a jackpot prize pool attached to it. And who doesn’t love seeing their Avatar climb the ranks of the leaderboard!

    At the end of each game there you can randomly trigger boss battles where rather than a hoard of undead you battle a freshly resurrected Egyptian deity! These battles are long and tough but can be very rewarding.

    Get To Grips With Serious Firepower & Killer Features!

    Betsoft Gaming know how to keep you enthralled and engaged with their games. From a personalized Avatar to leveling up to mini Quests this game has a lot to keep you entertained.

    Here are 5 fun features you’ll encounter in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra!

    1. Big Guns Big Rewards – Your handgun is fine at first but as the enemies level up so does your desire for firepower. New guys can be picked up from fallen enemies or bought by accessing the green “$” symbol on the bottom right of your game screen. 
    2. Beware the Burning Ones – enemies can randomly be resurrected as burning versions of themselves! They’re tough as nails but offer greater rewards than other more easily destroyed enemies.
    3. Risen Gods – Trigger a god boss level and reap rich rewards. The boss levels are longer and will require a lot more ammunition – so hit the weapon store a few times – however, the rewards and XP bonuses are worth it in the end!
    4. Mini Quests – As you play you will receive notifications of new or completed Quests. Click the Trophy symbol on the lower right bar and claim the bonus XP you get for completing mystery Quests in game.
    5. Bring A Buddy – Each game can take up to 6 players at once. Team up with other players to gain greater rewards and bigger XP bonuses. Teaming up is also a must for boss battles.

    While you will see a lot of little wins each time you fire there are great opportunities to win some big coin prizes. Taking out burning Scarabs can net you 2000 coins and burning Mummies up to 5000 coins. These, while randomly triggered, can appear a few times per game!

    Security We Need A Hero – Will You Answer The Call?

    Max Quest: Wrath of Ra has taken the Arcade Game category offered by many providers and pushed it to new heights! The setting is amazing, the graphics are great and the gameplay is entertaining! Betsoft Gaming have created a unique casino game that lovers of console or pc gaming will be able to relate to and gladly spend time on.

    Max Quest, while it has some familiar aspects to it, does not feel or play like an actual casino game, plus it is a low variance game which can see you playing for a long time on a small stake with very little movement in your balance. For the experienced online and mobile casino gambler this intersection of new ground and low risk/reward ratio might make Max Quest uninteresting in the long run.

    If you’re in the market for a fresh new casino game experience that also offers a lot of gameplay for your budget then look no further than Max Quest: Wrath of Ra!


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