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  • By GPStaff | Mar 14, 2019 | Game Release

    Quickspin Invite You To Relive The 1920’s At The Grand

    Quickspin Invite You To Relive The 1920’s At The Grand Step back in time with Quickspin's Art Deco inspired The Grand. Be swept away by the seductive era that gave us the Great Gatsby, the Charleston and now The Grand online slot!
    Step back in time with Quickspin's Art Deco inspired The Grand. Be swept away by the seductive era that gave us the Great Gatsby, the Charleston and now The Grand online slot!

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    With their latest casino game release, The Grand, Quickspin invite you enter the majestic world of art deco inspired Online Slots entertainment. Their vision is fresh and attractive, combining deep rich colours, bold lines and a completely unique reel layout.

    Add to this an array of interesting bonus features, multiple ways to win and 2900x your stake as the jackpot payout on any given spin, and The Grand becomes an alluring prospect for casual and mature gamblers alike.

    Facts Relive the Style and Beauty of the Art Deco Era  

    The 1920’s saw the birth of the art deco movement which looked to inspire those who saw it to think big and pursue riches. It was bold and futuristic, for its time, combining seemingly disparate styles like the geometric forms of cubism and the bright playful colours of Fauvism with the mysticism and intrigue of Japan, India, and even Mayan art.  

    As seen in the Great Gatsby it rejected poverty, instead artists created wonders out of ebony, ivory, precious metals and gems, yet bound them together with the permanence of steel and iron. The art style displayed in The Grand follows these same trends balancing a deep earthy colour palette with symbols that appear to be formed from bronze, silver, gold and even gems.  

    The reel design in itself screams Art Deco with a square or rectangular grid being replaced by 6 reels paired into 3 sets of various heights. This means you have 2 Reels of 3 Rows, 2 Reels of 4 Rows and finally 2 Reels of 5 Rows (3,3,4,4,5,5). This is not purely an aesthetic choice mind you, the design has been skilfully interwoven with the bonus feature mechanics for a seamless experience. 

    Payments Four Grand Feature Bonuses 

    The Grand online slot is not only a visual departure from the types of casino games we’re used to from Quickspin but its bonus features are intriguing in both effect and how they are executed. This is primarily seen in the fact that the apart of from Free Spins the three other bonus features are triggered at random. 

     Synced Reel feature: This feature makes use of the variation in reel heights to its advantage. Triggering this feature will see the reels of the same height syncing, with the result that they are guaranteed to display the exact same symbols when the spin ends. An extension of this feature can see all 3 groupings of reels sync, and if fortune favours you this can result in a tremendous payout. 

     Reel Nudge feature: Triggering this feature will allow you the option to nudge the reels post the completion of the spin into a more favourable position. This creates the opportunity for you to manually realign the outcomes of between 1-3 reels to create winning combinations. 

     Wilds Gone Wild: In the closing moments of any spin you could be awarded random Wilds. This feature will see up to 8 Wild symbols appear anywhere on the reels to complete winning combinations and help you take home a win! 

     Free Spins: The only feature that requires you to land 3 or more symbols on the reels to activate it is the free spins feature where you can claim up to 15 free games to get you started. In addition to the already exciting free games you also stand the chance to activate not one but all three of the aforementioned randomly triggered features, cheekily called the GRANDomizer feature! When you unlock multiple feature bonuses during this mode of play the benefits of each are combined to give you the ability to create high paying combinations, while also rewarding you with additional free spins! 

    Facts Live the Great Gatsby Life Today 

    Quickspin are known for creating unique and entertaining slots experiences, and The Grand is no exception. It offers 214 paylines across its unusual reel layout and has a strong RTP of 96.58%. It is worth noting that The Grand is a high volatility slot machine and this can lead to long periods of small to less than noteworthy returns, however when Lady Luck smiles on you the result can be a maximum jackpot of €290,000 (on a max bet spin).


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