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    20 Important Terms Every Online Gambler Should Know and Understand

    20 Important Terms Every Online Gambler Should Know and Understand Learn the most important terms and phrases that every online gambler should understand. There are many different terms to get a handle on, so keep this helpful guide close at hand!

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    For new players, the iGaming industry can be a daunting place filled with phrases and terms that many may not understand.

    In order to truly embrace the world of online casinos, it's important to understand what you're getting into as you make deposits and play great casino games.

    Take a look at these handy terms and phrases that every player should understand to experience playing like a pro.

    More Details Handy Casino Terms and Phrases

    Save this easy-to-understand guide for when you need a refresher and ensure that you always know which way is up when playing at your favourite online casino!

    1. Balance - Your balance is the amount of money you have in your online casino account at any time. This amount can be made up of bonus cash or deposits you've made.

    2. Max Bet - When playing Online Slots, the max bet refers to the maximum bet you're allowed to place on a single spin of the reels.

    3. Online Casino Bonus - Online casinos often have casino bonuses on offer for players to enjoy from time to time. These could include free spins, deposit bonuses, or special offers depending on the time of the year.

    4. Cashback - A Cashback bonus gives you the chance to receive a percentage of your deposit or losses back in cash.

    5. Fruit Slot (or Classic Slot) - Before the modern online slot and casino game, classic slots were the only option. These slots were designed with fruity symbols, bars, and stars. Many players still prefer the classic fruit slot, so why not try them for yourself?

    6. Deposit - Making a deposit into your online casino account means placing cash into your balance in order to play.

    7. Free Spins - Found as part of casino bonuses (free spins on casino games) as well as when playing online slots, free spins essentially mean you can play without having to spend your cash.

    8. High Roller - A high roller (or whale) is someone who makes large deposits and places large bets.

    9. House Edge - Every casino game has a house edge. The percentage of profit a casino claims on each bet placed on a game is the house edge.

    10. Jackpot - Landing the jackpot means claiming the top prize on a particular casino game!

    11. Payline (or Betting Line) - When playing online slots, the payline is the number of lines available for betting.

    12. Mobile Slot - While online slots can be enjoyed via your desktop or laptop, mobile slots are designed to be played on the go with your tablet or smartphone. (Top tip: Always ensure that you have a stable internet connection before playing mobile slots!)

    13. Return to Player (or RTP) - This percentage refers to the possible rate at which an online casino game can payout rewards. 

    14. Paytable - Accessing the paytable while enjoying your favourite casino game will show you the value of symbols on the reels, possible bonus features and more.

    15. Random Number Generator (or RNG) - In order for casino games to remain fair, a random number generator will ensure that each win is random and not rigged.

    16. progressive jackpot -  Progressive jackpots refer to the jackpots found on progressive jackpot slots. Instead of a standard jackpot that is found on many casino games, this jackpot builds based on the number of players who place bets will attempting to be a winner.

    17. Wagering Requirements - The wagering requirements of a casino bonus refers to the number of times a bonus needs to be played through before withdrawals can be made.

    18. Scatter Symbol - Scatter symbols, found on the reels of online slots, often trigger bonus features.

    19. Video Slot - The majority of online casino games created today are video slots. Popular and exciting, video slots are available to play via desktop and laptops.

    20. Wild Symbol - A special symbol found on online slots, Wild symbols often substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations.

    Feeling confident and ready to get started? Sign up at any of our highly recommended online casinos and experience playing in style!


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