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    Games offered include Slots, Blackjack, Roulette
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    This casino acceptBitcoindeposits and withdrawals

    BIG2.WIN Casino was founded in 2019 and it is licensed in Costa Rica, while providing players from all over the world with proprietary games. The website is available in Chinese and English, a clear testament of the fact that the casino also caters to the Asian market. Punters can enjoy all the games for free or bet real money and for this purpose, they can only deposit and wager BTC. The waiting time on transactions is minimal and no commission is charged, so players can fully enjoy the cash they deposit and withdraw.

    BIG2.WIN Casino is a new and exciting gambling operator that chose to rely exclusively on proprietary games. By developing all of their titles in-house, they can provide players with access to titles that can’t be found anywhere else. The downside is that the collection is significantly smaller, with just the few dozen slots and no progressive jackpot. There are no live dealer table games either, but the RNG games are fun to play, have unique mechanics and an above average return to player.

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    100% up to Ƀ 0.05 on your first deposit

    Ƀ0.0002 Minimum deposit No Wagering Cashable


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    User Reviews

    • 3/5
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    • 1/5
    1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 of 1 member found this review helpful

    If you're looking for a place to play big 2 online for free, its a 10/10 They've got great software. Played probably 50 hours plus for fun on their site.

    If you're looking to gamble, its a scam. Here are 3 reasons why you'll probably lose money.

    1)  It might be rigged.

    As soon as I deposited money and played for real. All of a sudden, I'm barely getting 2's or A's in my hands, and my opponents have a full house 90% of the time. Just played a game where all of my opponents had a full house, one guy even had two! Of course I just watched them play as I lost. 

    Keep in mind, when I played for free, these things happened (except for the hand where everyone had a full house but me, that was nuts), but only about 20% or less of my games. In the free games, I had a chance. In the real money games, I just sat back and watched for an hour.

    To summarize my experience playing real money games, I always got bottom end cards, with no Aces or 2's to be able to compete with my opponents, then they all have straights or full houses. If I'm lucky, I'll have a straight/flush in my hand to give me hope, but of course, they'll play their twos or full houses and I'll never be able to play them anyways. There's a good chance you're playing against bots who get the good hands.

    2) use of Bitcoin and Costa Rica gambling license.

    I admit, I don't have hard evidence that the site is rigged. However, another point that makes the site suspicious is the fact that they use bitcoin. Bitcoin is known for being difficult to trace, in addition to that, they also have a Costa Rica gambling license. Costa Rica has more relaxed regulations, and a lot of investing brokerage sites that are scams in the trading world tend to have a Costa Rican license.

    3) Lastly, it's designed so you lose your money.

    Let's say I'm wrong, and the site isn't rigged. In the end of the day, its a casino and the casino always wins. In this case, you're playing against other players, so you'll be paying the casino in the form of rake. 

    Big 2 is not a game where your skill edge is high enough to overcome both the variance of getting good/bad hands. There isn't a lot of space to make outplays in big 2, and its extremely rare that you'll be able to consistently come out on top based on skill alone.

    You'll lose and win money quite quickly in big 2 when you risk up to 30 dollars per hand at the lowest stakes, and each hand last under 5 minutes, therefore if you want to give it a shot and try and win. You'll need a large bankroll and a strong mindset.

    As I mentioned earlier, you'll be paying the casino with rake. 5% of your winning hands will go the casino. (This is the same format used in other games such as poker). So it is likely one of two things will happen.

    1) You play with bankroll that is too small, and you'll empty your bankroll before you can overcome variance

    2) You play with a large enough bankroll, but before you can make any significant money, you'll get eaten alive by the rake.

    In addition to the 5% rake, you have to pay 0.4 mBtc + 1% of the transaction cost. Which is insane. That's more than 30 USD each time you want to withdraw. 

    Also, you won't be able to play if you have less than 0.52 mBTC (you need to be able to cover 26 points in case you get doubled with 13 cards.) Anything less than 0.52 can't cover the transaction cost as well. This means if you have 0.5 mBTC, it's now stuck in limbo, you've lost that money without ever playing it. If you want to try to make use of it, you'll need to deposit again to try and make some winnings, and use it to cover the withdrawal fees (see the trap here?).

    In conclusion

    TLDR play for free, it's great. The real money games are a scam. Avoid at all costs.

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    • 5/5

    This is the best Big Two (鋤大弟 / 大老二) game I have found online, and I think it's the only casino site that has a real money version of Big2 where you can gamble against other players.  The design is really simple and nice, it worked on my Android phone and my laptop pretty well.   There was nothing I had to download as it is an HTML5 game you can play in your browser.  Free version was really fun.  Once I started playing for money, I won big at first and they paid me my withdrawal within 30 mins or so.  Next time I deposited, the players were too good and I lost it all.  I think you have to be really good to beat the other players in this game.  I will practice on the free version before trying again.

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