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  • Payment gateways are merchant services that e-commerce app service providers offer when they authorize direct payment processing or credit cards for various online businesses, online shops, land-based casinos as well as online casinos. It is usually banks that provide payment gateways to their customers, but it can also be offered by financial service providers as part of their service. Payment gateways are a convenient way to enable payment transaction, transferring information between an online gambling site such as online casinos, and a bank, which ultimately makes them the ideal payment option when depositing to or withdrawing from your online casino account.

    Why Use Payment Gateway at Online Casinos

    A visit to an online casino is supposed to be a memorable and entertaining experience, but it sometimes comes with a certain risk that can diminish the extent of your experience. That is why online casino operators can hardly provide the necessary banking options to their customers without an online casino merchant account, which is almost impossible to acquire by a single person.

    However, there are ways for individuals to open these gambling merchant accounts which are favored by a great number of licensed and regulated online casino all around the globe. With a payment gateway, both online casinos as well as customers are in the position to use the most any type of banking option has to offer. Online casinos can accept customers from all over the globe and provide the necessary means for them to deposit or withdraw from their online casino account.


    To make this one of the most popular and secure payment methods in the world of online gambling, a lot of safe measures are in place, protecting all the information with the highest level of encryption available. Payment gateways allow the transaction data to be directly sent from the player’s internet browser to the gateway, where it conveniently bypasses the online casino’s system. This is done to minimize the online casino’s PCI DSS compliance obligations and does not unnecessary redirect the player from the site. All new accounts pass through a series of verifications, using a unique code, so that anyone not authorized cannot get any hold of the vital information passing through this service.

    Common Payment Gateways

    There are several payment gateways available out there, and access to them mostly depends on where you live and what banking and internet services you use. However, quite a large number of online casino customers can take advantage of this service, and here are some of the more outstanding payment gateway service providers: Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), RegularPay, Instabill, and ePay Global.

    Online Casinos Accepting Payment Gateway

    We’ve mentioned earlier that using payment gateways as a preferred online casino payment method entails that there is a lot of safety and security involved. This makes all casinos that use this service entirely secure and a favorable place to enjoy your gaming. Customers can count on these casinos offering various payment methods besides payment gateways, a great customer support service available 24/7, as well as various bonuses and recurring promotions.

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