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  • Prepaid cards, also known as stored-value cards, are a payment method that uses monetary value stored on the card. The convenient and alluring fact about prepaid cards is that neither the money nor any personal information is physically stored on the card itself. Rather, the service uses binary code data to keep the data on the card.

    The major difference between prepaid and debit cards is that prepaid cards do not require any external account that is directly linked to a financial institution. Instead, these cards are anonymous and all information is kept with the issuer of the card. However, they cannot be used for withdrawals, due to the nature of these cards, but rather function as a form of voucher that is used to fund an account.

    Why Use Prepaid Cards at online casinos

    Prepaid cards have become a rather convenient and popular payment method at online casinos all over the globe. It is a great way to fund your online casino account and comes with many advantages other banking options don’t usually provide. One of the many benefits is that it is fairly easy to come by one and load it with funds. They can be obtained at convenience stores, gas stations, and other similar places. Moreover, prepaid cards protect their user’s personal information, and ultimately give the customer a comprehensive control of their spending.

    This is a great payment method in case your bank does not allow you to fund your online casino account with your credit or debit card. Another great benefit is that players can decide how much they want to load onto their card, and after they have spent that amount, they have to load it again, which makes it hard to overspend.


    Besides the fact that prepaid card are a secure, convenient, and most of all, risk-free payment method, customers all agree this is a great way to keep all of your vital and banking details safe as well. Players enjoy full control of their finances, with the service allowing the card holder only to spend as much as they have loaded the card with using cash. The card is not linked to any bank account, which ensures the safety of the player’s funds, but also keeps the personal data hidden from third parties.

    Common Prepaid Cards

    There are various prepaid cards available, all of which offer their services to a variety of different purposes. However, the following are the best and most popular choice when you want to deposit money in your online casino account without any worries. Paysafecard is the most popular prepaid card option, accepted at almost all licensed online casinos. The prepaid Visa is like a regular Visa, but it can be used more than once. There is also EcoCard, issued by ecoPayz.

    Online Casinos Accepting Prepaid Cards

    As explained, basically all online casinos accept Paysafecard prepaid cards. Players only have to find an additional banking option to withdraw their funds. Other than that, they will surely have a memorable gambling experience using a prepaid card to deposit into the account when playing at one of our recommended casinos.

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