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  • There are thousands of financial institutions all over Europe that offer virtual cards, such as virtual Visa or virtual MasterCard, which are linked to an online account. These virtual cards operate on the same basic principle as regular credit cards, with the clear distinction that they can only be used on the web. Players who want to make a deposit into their online casino account with a virtual card simply have to log into their account on a website that accepts one of the various virtual cards as valid payment method.

    While it may seem like an unnecessary payment option, it is still great method for those who want to enjoy an additional tier of safety and security while paying online. The best feature virtual cards offer is that it is entirely free, and makes transferring funds and buying goods convenient and easy, with no real downsides to it.

    Why Use Virtual Cards at online casinos

    Players who regularly use this type of banking option appreciate the fact that all virtual cards are backed by one of the many major companies, providing complete protection against fraud and theft on the internet. In case you have deposited funds at an unlicensed online casino with a questionable reputation, the funds can be immediately returned and you can have your funds back. However, we suggest online casinos that are reliable and trustworthy, and do not create any issues when depositing or withdrawing funds.

    Nonetheless, virtual cards are a simple and reliable way to fund your account. With the online transfer option, funds can be sent back and forth from basically any bank account. This payment method is ultimately so convenient that online casino customers can immediately use them to make online purchases.


    With virtual cards, there is no chance that any vital financial information will be disclosed to a third party, be it an online shop or an online casino. This is a secure and safe payment method that allows quick access to the customer’s funds, with the funds available when you need them and ready to be deposited quickly and conveniently into your online casino account. To register, customers have to complete an online registration, the one and only time they have to disclose any personal or banking information. When the information is provided, the customer can load funds onto their virtual card and confirm the transaction process.

    Common Virtual Cards

    Virtual prepaid and debit cards have become a necessity in recent years. With so many dangers lurking on every corner of the internet, there is only a handful of fully reliable and trustworthy virtual cards that provide all the necessary services you will need to gamble online. These are Entropay, EcoPayz, MoneyPolo, Payoneer, LeuPay, and OK Pay. However, there are constantly new services appearing online, and some of them will probably establish their position in the future.

    Online Casinos Accepting Virtual Cards

    There are thousands of online casinos out there, and most of them also accept virtual cards. Basically, most casinos that accept regular debit and credit cards will also accept virtual cards from reliable providers. Those casinos we recommend also offer nice bonuses, quick payouts, and a great customer support, making for a great overall gaming experience.

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