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    Beeline is mobile operator existing for over 15 years. It is also a well known payment method popular in Russia and other CIS countries. Find out how you can use it to deposit funds to online casino accounts below.

    What is Beeline?

    Many mobile network providers have been very happy to offer payment solutions lately, and Beeline is a very good example. Apart from providing calling, text message and mobile internet services, Beeline is widely used in Russia and some other CIS countries as a method of payment. Recently, it has also become available to the public as an online casino payment option.

    Using Beeline in Online Casinos

    You don't need to have any special access to Beeline as a payment method as long as you've got a mobile number provided by Beeline. You can top up your Beeline account in a large number of ways, including online transfers, and once you've got some funds there, you can find a casino accepting this method and deposit those funds to your casino account.


    Is it complicated to start paying with Beeline?

    Absolutely not. You just need to get a Beeline mobile phone number, which will become both your account to deposit funds to and your login to confirm transactions. Once you've got this number, you're good to go!

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