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  • Boleto Bancário


    AKA: Boleto EBANX
    Currencies: BRL
    Languages: English Portuguese
    Popular in: Brazil
    Boleto Bancário


    Processing Time
    1 - 3 Days Processing
    Free of Charge
    Free of Charge
    Worldwide Service
    Worldwide Service


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    Boleto Bancário, or simply Boleto, is a Brazilian payment system, the name of which literally translates as 'Banknote'. Being slightly different from how most e-payment methods work, Boleto has made it to become one of the most used payment system in Brazil. Recently, online casinos have also started to accept this payment method.

    What is Boleto Bancário?

    What is Boleto? Well, in essence, the way how this payment method works is quite different from most other e-wallets. Boleto is not even an e-wallet (although it can be called this way), it is a system which emulates issuing bank notes ('boletos') that work like bills of credit or cheques.

    Both solutions offered by the company behind Boleto, Boleto Fácil ('Easy Banknote') and Boleto Direto ('Direct Banknote') can only be used in such a way. Without delving too much into details, let's say that that, basically, any Boleto user can process their transactions in pretty much the same way they would do it in case of other payment method, so worry not, it is rather easy to get all those ins and outs.

    Using Boleto Bancário in Online Casinos

    As stated above, Boleto is slightly different from other e-wallets, so using it is also different. Being something between wire transfer and online payment method, Boleto requires you to first issue a 'boleto' (banknote) confirming your payment, and then send this document to the party you're paying to.

    Despite this sounding a bit confusing, it is in fact quite easy and, what is equally important, rather fast. Thus, it permits you to make payments to online casinos rapidly and hassle-free.


    Is there any point to use Boleto when there are many other payment methods available?

    It is true that there are so many e-wallets available out there. However, Boleto does have its advantages, one of them being total security and safety, so there actually is some point in using this payment system.

    What about non-Brazilian users, may they use Boleto?

    Not quite. Boleto targets Brazilian users, and it is regulated by local authorities and banks. It was definitely created specially for Brazil.

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