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    Popular in: Austria


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    eps is a payment method used to deposit money to your online casino account. Here you can find reviews, information about bonuses for eps.

    What is eps?

    Eps is an online payment system created by STUZZA which has already involved over 25 Austrian banks and financial institutions in order to create a network that any Austrian player can use to make fast and free online casino deposits. The system simply connects the online casino with the local banks, allowing players to use their internet banking accounts to make casino deposits, without ever having to disclose any banking information to the casino itself.

    Using eps in Online Casinos

    In order to make a deposit using eps, you will need to have an account with one of over 25 banks in Austria that the company has a partnership with. If you do, simply go to the casino cashier, select eps from deposit methods and enter the amount you wish to deposit. You will be re-directed to your bank’s website, where you will log into your internet banking account as you normally would when checking your balance or paying your bills. From there, you will be prompted to complete the deposit, keeping the entire thing safe and private.


    Where can I use eps?

    Eps is currently only available for Austrian players who have a bank account with a financial institution tied to the eps system.

    Are eps payments free?

    Eps payments are absolutely free and there are no hidden fees involved with

    What’s the advantage of using eps?

    Eps makes your deposits into online casinos more private and safer. You are not forced to share your banking details with online casinos or anyone else, keeping them safer and less exposed

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