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    Following the most recent technological advancements related to mobile gaming, iWallet has become a natural outgrown to new technologies ensuring convenient mobile payment processing.

    What is iWallet?

    iWallet is considered as the future of mobile payment processing as it is super straightforward, secure, easy and fast. This mobile casino gaming payment processor features zero fees for the most loyal customers. iWallet is based on the popular ACH payment processing system over Amex, MC or Visa systems. However, using iWallet is more convenient as customers get to pay for products easily as no hardware is required.

    Using iWallet in Online Casinos

    In order to use iWallet as their online casino deposit and withdrawal option, players use their smartphones. To deposit at online casinos, players need to fund their iWallet accounts. This is easily done by transferring their funds from their bank accounts including credit or debit cards to their iWallet accounts. iWallet users can also withdraw their funds using iWallet in their local currency which is another advantage.



    Where can I use iWallet?

    iWallet is supported by many online casinos especially in Asia while it is also supported in Europe.

    What are the advantages of using iWallet?

    iWallet is available in the majority of common currencies, it comes with zero fees attached, it is super convenient and easy to use.

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