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    AKA: MB Net,MB Way
    Website: multibanco.pt
    Currencies: EUR
    Languages: Portuguese
    Popular in: Portugal


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    Multibanco is the main online payment system in Portugal. Nearly all retail online transactions made in this country go through Multibanco, which means this payment method is extremely important in the region. More recently, Multibanco has started to partner with online casinos, which integrate this payment option to their platforms facilitating deposits for Portuguese players.

    What is Multibanco?

    Multibanco is a unified payment system in Portugal that was founded long ago to get account of all credit and debit cards used in the country, as well as to facilitate fast transfers from and to such cards via an online platform. Multibanco is not an e-wallet, but a payment processor that unifies all Portuguese banks into one, making it possible to run transactions within a few minutes, that otherwise would take from a few hours up to several days.

    With its nice and rich interface, as well as easy and convenient mobile solution, Bultibanco is by far the best option you could think of if you live in Portugal and want to shop online from there. If you are a fan of online casinos, Multibanco is also a great option for you, as you can just pay from the comfort of your home, and start playing your favorite games in a few minutes at max!

    Using Multibanco in Online Casinos

    To use Multibanco in general, you need to have a credit or debit card issued by a Portuguese bank (or its partner) with at least some funds on it. Once this mission is complete, you can find Multibanco in your casino supported payment method list and initiate the process by specifying the amount you want to deposit. You will then be redirected to the sleek and brilliant Multibanco interface, and asked to provide some more details. After that, just sit back and relax, as your funds will soon arrive automatically!


    Is there anything special about Multibanco?

    Multibanco payment method is sort of unique, as it is an wallet and an online banking tool at the same time. Being so versatile, Multibanco is very convenient to be used by anyone who has an account in a bank based in Portugal.

    Another special thing about Multibanco is its mobile version, which is just great.

    Does it make sense to use Multibanco outside Portugal?

    It does not matter whether you use it in Portugal or in any other country, what matters is whether you have a credit card issued by a bank connected to the network of Portugal banks. You can check out more with Multibanco support, as well as with each individual bank.

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