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    Website: icbc.com.cn
    Currencies: CNY EUR GBP USD
    Languages: Chinese English
    Popular in: China
    ICBC China


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    ICBC China or Industrial and Commercial Banks of China Limited is the world’s largest bank. This bank is always following the latest trends and that’s why it allows its users to transfer money to online casinos.

    What is ICBC China?

    It all started in 1984 when this bank was founded. Today, this bank has the largest amount of total assets and market capitalization. This bank has branches in many other countries, but most of the users are situated in China. As a modern bank, it allows account holders to get involved in online banking activities including transfers from and to online casinos. With an excellent customer support, ICBC China is the preferred choice of thousands of online casino players.

    Using ICBC China in Online Casinos

    A relatively high number of online casinos, typically casinos that are focused on Asian players, let their users use a simple direct bank transfer option that is compatible with ICBC China accounts. Online gamblers should search for a Bank Transfer deposit solution. The deposit will be processed between 1 and 2 days in most cases. If there is no bank transfer deposit option for ICBC China, you can use international wire transfer. There shouldn’t be any issues for those who want to withdraw the money to their ICBC China account.


    Is it a smart move to use ICBC China?

    Yes. If you have an account at this bank, you should use it in your favorite online casino that accepts ICBC China account holders.

    Is ICBC China payment method safe?

    Yes. This is a perfectly safe option.

    How do you get your earnings with ICBC China?

    Use the direct bank transfer option.

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