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    Website: paykwik.net
    Currencies: TRY
    Languages: Turkish
    Popular in: Turkey


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    Free of Charge
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    Worldwide Service


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    Just like many other payment methods, PayKiwk works on the principle of vouchers and it has been created for the purpose of making transactions easier for the users as well as for the merchants.

    What is PayKwik?

    All that users need to do in order to start using PayKwik as a payment method is to purchase the voucher. Once that has been done, it will only take a couple of steps before users complete the transaction by using this method. First, users will have to pick this payment method and after that, they will have to choose the voucher. The entire process is finished when PayKwik checks the voucher and confirms the transaction.

    Using PayKwik in Online Casinos

    PayKwik is still in the start-up phase and because of that, it is not easy to find an online casino that allows the use of this payment method. Despite that, the biggest number of sites that actually feature this payment method are actually online casinos. Considering that the entire principle on which this payment method operates features big levels of security, it seems safe to assume that this method also features great levels of security.


    Does PayKwik have any added fees?

    No, but the price of vouchers can be different and because of that users need to gather all information.

    Where can I found more information about this method?

    More information about this payment method are available at their official website.

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