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    AKA: Safety Pay
    Website: safetypay.com
    Currencies: EUR USD


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    Free of Charge
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    Worldwide Service


    Casinos for You


    SafetyPay provides a solution for online casino deposits to those players who choose not to share their credit card details with online operators in a quick and convenient way. 

    What is SafetyPay?

    The modern day internet has allowed its users to pay for services and make deposits into their online accounts through many methods, but some of these can leave customers exposed to various fraud and theft dangers. SafetyPay, founded in 2007, and stationed in the USA, is an online banking service whose main goal is to remove these threats and make online banking safe and secure.

    SafetyPay can be used by customers in the USA, Canada and many European countries and is made for bank account holders who don’t have or choose not to use a credit card of any sort. All you need to use SafetyPay is a bank account in one of the many banks that do work with SafetyPay.

    Using SafetyPay in Online Casinos

    Using SafetyPay could hardly be any easier. Casino players who hold a bank account in one of the many banks that partner up with SafetyPay can make deposits straight out of their banking accounts, using their online banking credentials to login and make their deposits and cashouts in a secure way that is no susceptible to usual fraud methods.


    Where is SafetyPay available?

    SafetyPay is an international payment processor available to bank account holders in Canada, USA, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium and other countries.

    Is my bank partnered with SafetyPay?

    The list of SafetyPay friendly banks is always expanding, so make sure to check their site regularly for updates.

    Is it safe to make casino deposits with SafetyPay?

    Banking with SafetyPay is as safe as using your online banking account to pay your bills, literally as safe as a bank

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