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    SOFORT Banking is a payment method used to deposit money to your online casino account. Here you can find reviews, information about bonuses for SOFORT Banking.

    What is SOFORT Banking?

    Sofort Banking is an online bank transfer service. It allows you to easily make payments into your online casino account with your own private banking details. It’s quicker and easier than other options. The 4-step process requires users to choose their country using the bank’s sorting code, log in to the service with your personal banking details, enter the confirmation code, and then receive a Sofort Banking transfer summary.

    This indicates that your financial transaction has successfully been processed. Sofort is approved by the highest industry authorities as an Approved Payment System and an Approved Data Protection System.

    The major advantage of using Sofort for your online casino account is that there is no need to register an account, and you don’t need to open a virtual account. It is a direct transfer of funds from your online banking account into your online casino account. The transfer data is automatically processed, so the only information that needs to be input is your bank sort code and the username/login for your personal banking account.

    You will receive a confirmation code that is needed to authorize the transfer. Sofort is a prized banking option at online casinos, and players routinely seek it out when they are at the cashier. Like many other payment processing options, you cannot cancel payments that have been made into your online casino account with Sofort. Once the receiving bank gives notice of the transfer order, it is ironclad.

    Using SOFORT Banking in Online Casinos

    Once you have chosen an online casino that supports the Sofort Banking option, rest assured it will not have access to your login information or your account details. This is all encrypted data. Sofort payments at online casinos are quick and easy to make. Once you set up your Sofort account, simply navigate to your preferred online casino, confirm your payment via Sofort and the online casino will receive instant notification.

    The bank transfer will then be processed within 2 business days. This banking option is extremely private and 100% secure. According to industry sources, it uses TUV iso-27000 data protection protocols. Be advised that you won’t receive a physical banking card (debit card or credit card) from Sofort, making it less flexible than other options. However, when it comes to security, Sofort Banking is the gold standard. In an era where hacking and identity theft are rampant, Sofort is the safe way to play for real.



    Is Sofort Banking right for me?

    To date over a dozen European countries use Sofort to power their real-money online casino gambling fun. Many European online casinos promote Sofort Banking as their number one option. This is especially true in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transfer money from your online banking account direct to your online casino account, Sofort Banking is the way to go.

    Who can use Sofort Banking?

    Legal age players in all regulated jurisdictions supporting Sofort Banking are welcome to use it at their favourite online casinos. If you use your online banking accounts to pay your bills, you can also use your online banking account and Sofort Banking to deposit money into your online casino account. This option is popular with German players, Italian players, UK players and French players.

    How safe is Sofort Banking?

    With over 50 million transactions processed since inception, Sofort claims never to have had a single case of fraud.

    What are the advantages of using Sofort Banking?

    For starters, it is highly secure. It is private, and virtually impregnable. It also works on most every device you have including smartphones, tablets, phablets and your PC. Sofort is associated with the best online casinos in the industry, so anywhere you see it featured, you can pretty much rest assured that it’s a good online casino. Of course, you must have a bank account to use Sofort Banking, and this is not a withdrawal method.


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