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    AKA: China UnionPay ,PayNetCom
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    UnionPay Card is a payment method that is popular in China and that can be used in over 120 global countries and regions outside of China, making it the preferred payment option of hundreds of millions of customers and many thousands of online casino players.

    What is UnionPay?

    UnionPay is a banking service that was established in 2002. It is approved by the People’s Bank of China and the State Council, and is the only Chinese bank organization presently operating in the country. It is often used as a voucher payment method all over Asia, while it enjoys international support in more than 120 countries. Such a large market makes it easy to reach millions of customers. UnionPay became the premier payment method in China as well as across Asia when the online gambling market was finally introduced to this formerly communist country.

    Using UnionPay in Online Casinos

    UnionPay is one of the best and easiest means to make deposits at online casinos. Players can choose this method when they are in the casino’s cashier section. If you do not have a UnionPay card, you can purchase one with a particular value at many selling points and then use the number on the card to make a deposit at your online casino of choice.

    However, UnionPay cannot be used to make withdrawals. Players are advised to have an alternative banking option for withdrawals when using UnionPay.


    Where is UnionPay most widely used?

    Many customers use UnionPay in China, but it is also a preferred banking method in many Asian countries.

    Can I use UnionPay to make withdrawals?

    Unfortunately, UnionPay cards can only be used to make deposits and customers who use it have to have another banking method ready for withdrawals.

    Is UnionPay a safe banking method?

    Since it is approved and backed by the State Council of China and the People’s Bank, you can count on it to be fully legitimate and safe.

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